Clown-in-Chief Jokes About Diverting Air Force One to See Buddy Hugo Chavez

Obama’s a real card.

On his way back from his latest failed Euro tour, THE ONE thought how nice it would be to visit his soul mate Hugo.

Reported by CBS News’ Mark Knoller and CNN’s Ed Henry aboard Air Force One (via HAP and Fox Nation):

Photo credit: REUTERS/Miraflores

A little punchy?  If he were any more punchdrunk he’d be unconscious.

I repeat:

He can’t string together a coherent sentence when his teleprompter quits. He thinks 10,000 people were killed by a single tornado in Kansas, that there are 57 states, one of which is called “New Pennsylvania”, where the “Nitally Lions” play. He also thinks the White Sox play in “Cominsky Field”, “Austrian” is spoken in Austria, and that Iran is a “tiny country”. What a Harvard-educated moron.

He’s an abject failure; a Jimmy Carter 2.0 socialist with a disastrous economic policy, and a foreign policy that makes Neville Chamberlain look like a tough guy.

Other than that, he’s a fucking genius.

Maybe he can drop into Venezuela and take up a permanent residence.  And take Michelle, Biden, and Pelosi with him.

Hat tip to Lonely Conservative.

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