CNN Caught Staging Muzzie “Peace Group” Protest in London

They even brought printed props.

The director of this charade:


The Left shields and defends Islam because they have a lot in common. Both hate what they deem as ‘Western imperialism’, and the Left loves the notion of a terrorist group giving America and other Western countries their  ‘comeuppance’, even if they kill fellow citizens in the process.

The media serves as a mouthpiece and propaganda wing for the entire radical muzzie population.

They also have a habit of faking news, covering up, and literally making up stories.

Brian Williams claimed he was aboard a chopper that was shot down by an RPG during the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.  Undaunted by being caught in that lie, he made up another whopper about floating dead bodies, roving gangs of marauders, and desperate suicides during Hurricane Katrina.

In 2009, CNN faked a a video report from Gaza that purported to show the death and burial of a 12-year-old boy.

CNN interviewed Bilal Abdul Kareem— a muzzie terrorist propagandist—whom they presented as a “documentary filmmaker and journalist”.

CNN held back stories of Saddam Hussein’s atrocities in exchange for keeping their Baghdad bureau open


Dan Rather, in an epic example of “fake news,” forever destroyed his own credibility and exposed how far network news programs would go to report lies as fact. In 2004, Rather, on the news program “60 Minutes,” did a segment that he reported proved then-President George W. Bush had received preferential treatment to enter the National Guard in 1968 so as to avoid being drafted and sent to Vietnam. Rather had documents that were presented as irrefutable proof that political pressure had been exerted to shield Bush from the draft.

But almost immediately after the airing of the segment, the documents were exposed as crude forgeries. Alternative conservative news blogs revealed that the typeface and spacing on the documents were inconsistent with any known typewriter of the early 1970s. When Rather was forced to acknowledge his sin, his producer, Mary Mapes, and three other producers were fired.

……Another example of “fake news” is “Dateline,” the NBC so-called investigative news program. It staged the explosion of a General Motors pickup truck in a designed effort to discredit General Motors and validate a knowingly false narrative. General Motors, which removed all advertising from the network, sued NBC. Then, in a face-saving strategy, they had Jane Pauley, who had no connection with the false story, read a scripted mea culpa.


……Because he was liberal and black and knew how to schmooze, The New York Times handed Jayson Blair the keys to the kingdom without caring all that much about his experience or character. Blair stole and fabricated quotes, and lifted stories from others that, among other things, attempted to damage the prosecution’s case against John Muhammad, the Beltway Sniper.

……In May of 2004, the Boston Globe, which was still owned by The New York Times, published photos that claimed to depict American servicemen gang-raping Iraqi women.

WND quickly proved the photos were fake.

As John Nolte concluded in the above article:

Note how the number of scandals increase as New Media becomes more and more powerful. Now imagine what these lying degenerates got away with when no one was watching or had the ability to re-report and fact check.



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