CNN Correspondent’s Creepy Man Crush on Obama

CNN actually published the entire archive of Foreman’s love letters to Obama. All 1,460 of them.

Turns out he’s been writing the Obamessiah  for the entire four years of his first term.

Here’s an excerpt from his most recent one.

We’ve been at this quite a while, haven’t we? Me writing letters to you each day, offering my heartfelt advice and wise counsel…or whatever I think might pass for that…and you steadfastly ignoring it. What a kidder you are! At least I think you are ignoring it. Perhaps you start every day with a shout down the hall, “Biden! Bring me the latest letter from Tom!” But I doubt it.

Truth be told, whether you’ve enjoyed it or not I have. As they say in Maine, “took to it like a duck to water.” Well, I’m not sure they say that in Maine, but seems as good a place as any to hear such a thing. In any event, within just a couple of months of starting this quest back on that cold January of 2009, I came to look forward to it each day. I liked setting aside a few minutes to set down my thoughts and send them your way. Sure, sometimes it was hard to find the time, and this past year it was harder and harder to come up with things to write about, but still I think I will miss it in some ways.

The question is, will you?

I have wondered many times if you have ever seen these letters or if you even know that they exist. (Word of advice: If you haven’t been following along I would not try to catch up now. Way too much reading.) I’ve also wondered if someone wrote to me this often would I bother to read every letter? Probably not. In fact, if I were you I likely would have sent the Secret Service to tell me to knock it off. Ha!

Look at this: Here the clock is fast running out and I’ve wasted my last Friday letter talking about how I’m down to my last few letters! Ah well. I have too much work yet to do to be ready for your inauguration, so I guess I better wrap it up.

More tomorrow (at least for now) and I hope your weekend goes well.


It’s like reading the slobbering missives of a smitten 12 year old school girl.  Alas, his love is unrequited and little broken-hearted Tommy has decided to stop emailing Obama.  He has a picture of him on his bedroom nightstand and he kisses it every night before he goes beddy-bye.

I’ve never seen anything like this before; a circle of giggly, infatuated male media personalities fawning over a SCOAMF posing as a president.  Evan Thomas deifies him.  Brian Williams usually brings knee pads for Obama interviews.  Chris Matthews still gets ‘a thrill going up his leg’ every time he hears Obama speak.  If you don’t get all  tingly, you’re racist.

They do have a little competition.  Curtis Sittenfeld, ( a female by the way)  loves, loves, loves Obamessiah so much, she’d suck his dick if she had the chance.

It’s some of the most disturbing, perverted behavior ever displayed by leftwing media.

It’s a new level of depravity, even for them.

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