Commie Lieutenant Rapone’s Father Speaks Out

I feel sorry for his parents. Imagine being the father, so proud that your kid went to a prestigious military school, only to find out he is a communist piece of shit, who is on track to completely fucking up his career forever because he’s dedicated his life to a brutal, oppressive ideology.

Red State

Lawrence County Treasurer Richard L. Rapone, also weighed in on his son’s actions. According to the Daily Caller, Richard posted a now private or deleted message that expressed great sadness and disappointment toward his son’s disregard for his future, and his country.

“In regards to my son Spencer Rapone, I disavow his political views and overall politics,” wrote Rapone’s father. “I am very disappointed in the direction he has chosen and as his father it greatly saddens me.”

Richard wrote about how in his younger years, Rapone “personified patriotism,” and was even a member of the Civil Air Patrol. He served in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger, and was later accepted to West Point. Richard mentioned that Rapone had returned from Afghanistan a changed man.

What happened to Rapone in Afghanistan was not mentioned by his father, but it may have been heavy if it changed someone from a patriot to a foolish anti-American communist who would willingly throw his life away.

He was indoctrinated by someone while in Afghanistan. By whom, is anyone’s guess.

Be that as it may, he’s made his decision and followed through by absorbing the communist bullshit and posting his malignant crap all over his Twitter account while he attended West Point. He’s made no secret of his anti-American animosity and his disloyalty.

Courts martial and dishonorable discharge should be in his immediate future.

2 thoughts on “Commie Lieutenant Rapone’s Father Speaks Out”

  1. I have a hard time believing this just slipped past the Academy without notice. Are you telling me that we are so far gone down the toilet that none of his classmates saw anything wrong? Did they see and fail to report? Did they report with no action from the staff? Were the staff too busy hunting down trannie haters to notice a full blown commie?

    Something other than this idiots ideology stinks here.

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