Comparing the U.S. Under Trump and Biden

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Charles Dickens wrote a gripping novel with the intriguing title, A Tale of Two Cities. Dickens contrasted two different cities, Paris and London, in the same time period. This article compares a single country—the USA—in two different time periods. The first period is the U.S. under Donald Trump; the second is the U.S. under Joe Biden.

President Trump brought record prosperity to America. He implemented a strategic series of policies that were successful in reversing the destructive, leftist agenda of the Obama administration. Trump’s actions restored America’s economy, lowered unemployment, improved the economic conditions of minorities, took us out of the phony Paris Accord, repudiated the counter-productive Iran agreement, stood up to China’s expansionist foreign policy and one-sided economic practices, enhanced peace in the Middle East, stabilized conditions on the southern border, rebuilt the military, and ended the influence of critical race theory in government agencies. All of Trump’s actions accrued to the benefit of the nation.

Biden, in contrast, is overseeing massive economic and sociological damage. His policies are resulting in the replacement of meritocracy with identity politics, capitalism with Marxism and the Green New Deal, and competence with senility. Biden’s biggest lie to date is his statement, “I’ve been hired to solve problems, not create division.” Our country has not been this divided since the Civil War. What Biden should have said is, “I am the standard bearer for Washington corruption.”

Biden’s assault on America is paying off in the form of economic regression, mounting indebtedness, growth of the Washington bureaucracy, capitulation to foreign energy, social disintegration via race-baiting, support for critical race theory, monumental entitlement programs, export of American manufacturing, increased taxation, looming inflation, forced redistribution of income, erosion of military effectiveness, and an avalanche of illegal immigration from south of the border.

……The vibrant country that Trump gave us has disappeared. “In the coming months,” said Tucker Carlson on Fox, “you’re going to call 911 for an emergency, or you’re going to show up at the hospital with an injury, or you’re going to try to catch an airline flight, and you will notice that you can’t because the hospitals, the police department, the fire department, the airlines—none of them work anymore.”

“[Biden’s open border policy] is an inside attack on our democracy,” said former Trump policy advisor Stephen Miller. “The president of the U.S. is working systematically to allow people to invade into our country against our laws to consume public benefits, to take American jobs, and to threaten public safety—all aided, abetted, facilitated, planned by our own government.”

Add the COVID pandemic to this crazy cocktail and you have the recipe for totalitarian powers. The virus is being used as an excuse to accelerate government intrusion into our lives. We have been told when we can leave our homes, when we can go to work, and whom we can associate with. The Attorney General is weaponizing the DOJ and FBI to go after parents who object to critical race theory and mask mandates in our schools. Biden is presiding over a rejection of what is best about this country—the right to complain.


Right before Biden was installed, I wrote this:

Biden’s regime will be a reminder to never allow children or leftwing autocrats near the controls.

The only thing that will help save the country from disaster is if Biden croaks before he can do much harm.

……The SWAMP will be re-opened for business.  Many of the lowlifes that were part of the 2009-2016 Obama/Biden cabal will be re-hired to fill cabinet positions. His cabinet picks read like a Who’s Who of criminal malfeasants. Biden’s HUD pick defended a judge who beat his wife in front of his children and murdered her 3 years later.  His pick for HHS is  Richard “Rachel” Levine, a leftwing tranny who goes ballistic if anyone calls him “sir”.

His pick for a top Pentagon position is one of the conspirators who pushed the “Russian collusion” hoax. His choice for Attorney General is the anti-Constitutional hack Merrick Garland.  He has also selected over a dozen Big Tech executives to serve his regime. His nominee for DOJ “Civil Rights Division” is a bigot who thinks “melanin endows blacks with greater abilities“.  If that’s the case, why aren’t they leading in technology, science, and economic superiority instead of populating prisons?

Biden’s radical left-wing agenda matches that of his commie sidekick Kamala Harris.  She got her start in politics by sleeping with Willie Brown who gave her a $120,000 job. Whatever damage they inflict will divide the country even further. Obama’s regime was bad enough. Expect worse.

……If Biden tries to crack down on civil liberties and freedom through tyrannical COVIDIOCY lockdowns, he can bet on more than just a fight in the courts.  He can count on more ‘Save America’ protests that will yank a knot in his scrawny ass.

Under Biden’s tenure prosperity, the economy, and national security will be crippled. Dems believe business entrepreneurs are evil.  Like Obama, Biden is a total moron who thinks ‘job creators don’t build the economy‘. He’s pro-illegal alien and intends to delay deportations. As for foreign policy, he’ll be Obama’s third term. He made a point to pander to muzzie extremists. His pick for national security advisor is a real fan of the ChiComs, and the ChiComs are real fans of Biden.

……Furthermore, Biden is suffering from dementia. His cognitive abilities are demonstrably fading. If he actually makes it through his term, it will be with meds and aides who have to babysit 24/7 and try to deflect attention away from his bizarre behavior.

……Big Government and Big Tech will continue unabated.  They will purge any and all opposition to the new world order. They want to control the lives, opinions, and freedoms of people they don’t like.  Real bastions of free speech such as Parler and Gab, are already gaining thousands of new subscribers.  Facebook and Twitter will be entirely consumed by unhinged leftwingnuts spewing their ideas on how they’re going to load all the MAGA folks and conservatives on to train cars and send them off to ‘reeducation camps’. It’s already happening.

Trump did a lot of good during his term as President in spite of the constant barrage of hate from RINOs, the liberal media, and the mentally deranged Dem population.  He reversed much of the damage Barky Obama did to this country and has accomplished more positive improvements to the economy, foreign policy, and national security than all the previous White House occupants since Ronald Reagan. And they hate him for it. So much so that they tried to overthrow a duly elected president on baseless grounds. They hate anyone who stands between them and power. Democrats are terrified of ever having to face Donald Trump again. Trump fought back. Something Republicans need to learn how to do.

……75 million voters will not sit quietly while a senile old Prog with dementia and his VP comrade try to destroy the country. If Beijing Biden makes it four years (which is highly debatable), we will make our presence and voices heard every day that he breathes. Count on it.

The Swamp got what it wanted and the consequences will not be what it expected.


Everything I predicted has come true.

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