Congressional Candidate’s Billboard Sign Defaced With the Letters “KKK”

Bill Randall is a candidate for Congress, running in North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District. Mr. Randall also happens to be an African-American. In early October, Randall had a campaign billboard vandalized with a spray-painted, vulgar phallic symbol, accompanied by the letters “KKK”. It was the kind of message that would normally launch the media into full-blown racial apoplexy.

One small problem. Bill Randall is a Tea Party Conservative Republican.

Despite filing a report with the Wake County Sheriff’s Department on October 9, holding a press conference regarding the incident, issuing a press release, and having a local news report linked at the website, nobody in major media outlets in Raleigh have covered the story.

Randall specifically called out the Raleigh News & Observer, saying that a press release of the incident was sent to their offices, but that “they apparently had no interest in covering the story.”

It’s only ‘racism’ when the victim is a black liberal. When the leftwing unions and politicians engage in hate speech and violence, when black Tea Party activist Kenneth Gladney was assaulted by SEIU thugs, when black radio host James T. Harris was attacked with racist epithets for supporting John McCain, and when leftwing nutjobs at a ‘Common Cause’ protest called for the lynching of Clarence Thomas, the silence from the leftwing main stream media was deafening. 

The hypocrisy of race-baiting assholes in Congress, media, and black activist organizations should not get a pass, neither should their complicity of hate crimes toward black Republicans.

Stay classy, lefties.

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