CPAC 2014: Rand Paul, Tim Scott

Tim Scott (R-SC), one of the black Republican Tea Party patriots who was vilified by the Left for the sin of choosing substance over skin color:

America is about Americans and self-determination. We are not about the government. The greatest assets we have cannot be found here in Washington, D.C. Our greatest assets are not in Washington D.C., except when CPAC is in town. They are found in the thoughts, and in the ideas of people in places like Greenville or Akin or…or Charleston. They are found not in the Executive Orders of this president, not in his Executive Orders do we find the greatness of America. We find them instead in the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and on the pages of our Constitution.

A smaller, less intrusive government means more resources for the creation of the next generation of entrepreneurs. The success of our economy is seen in the sizes of our ideas, not in the size of our tax bills. We need to cut our taxes, not raise them like President Obama wants to.

Greatness is created in relationships, when people pool their resources together and start small businesses. Every place in this nation, in their garages, in coffee shops, and at their kitchen tables.

Rand Paul:

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