Crackpot Judge Thinks Lethal Injection “Too Painful”

I’m ashamed to say this asshat is practicing in my home state of Ohio:

Note the cute ensemble of Obama/Che photos on his wall. That tells you exactly where his head is.

ELYRIA, Ohio — A judge in Ohio says the state’s method of putting prisoners to death is unconstitutional because two of three drugs used in the lethal injection process can cause pain.

……Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge said Tuesday the state’s lethal injection procedure doesn’t provide the quick and painless death required by Ohio law

……The ruling is likely be appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court.


This is a culmination of a lawsuit on behalf of two scumbags; Ronald McCloud, and Ruben Rivera, of Lorain. Rivera and two accomplices went to the home of Manual Garcia to rob him of money and drugs in 2004. Rivera was convicted for shooting and killing Garcia.

In 2005, McCloud was convicted of raping and murdering Janet Barnard, who was found dead in a bathroom at a local church.

Death row occupants earned their way there through the heinous crimes they commited. But Burge thinks lethal injection is “cruel and unusual punishment”.

This is not the first time this mental midget has come across with dimwitted rulings.

He aquitted an abusive father with a history of domestic violence for doing this to his nine year old son:

His ‘transgression’:

Officials at Irving Elementary School contacted Smith after his son was caught kissing girls. Smith’s attorney, Jenifer Berki, said toys and video games were taken from the boy as punishment, but when his actions continued, Smith hit him with a belt. Berki said Smith’s actions did not cause his son to bleed and the child was not hospitalized for his injuries.

The kid didn’t commit sexual assault or any other kind of felony. If he had, I’d be standing in line waiting to take a shot, myself. The punishment should fit the crime, and in this case, there’s a huge difference between discipline and abuse. Smacking a kid on the rear end, grounding, and removing privileges for minor infractions, are appropriate. Not inflicting what amounts to a lashing.

In any case, we can look forward to more of Burge’s judicial stupidity as long as he’s on the bench.

2 thoughts on “Crackpot Judge Thinks Lethal Injection “Too Painful””

  1. Jenifer,

    True, newspapers don’t always get it right, and I did say that if he had committed sexual battery, I’d be standing in line waiting to take a shot, myself.

    Consider me in line.

    Secondly, there’s plenty to criticize on the way to getting the laws changed.

    Matter of fact, it would be nice if some of the laws already on the books were actually enforced. Case in point: With regard to illegal aliens: The federal, state and local governments have just recently awakened to the fact that U.S. Code Title 8 exists. It took a great deal of public outrage before they got off their asses and started enforcing it. But I digress.

    Burge is still an idiot.

  2. Jenifer Berki

    Actually the child did commit sexual acts by grabbing other female classmates private areas including a teachers, but of course you get the whole story from a newspaper article. Additionally, if you don’t like the law that capital punishment should be a painless humane procedure than change the law–not the Judge enforcing the laws that are in place.

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