Dallas-Based Tea Party Invites Olbermann to Put Up or Shut Up (UPDATED)

Olby chickened out.

Keith Olbermann has turned down the Dallas Tea Party’s invitation to come to its one year anniversary gathering this Saturday to see just how diverse its members are.

As NewsBusters reported Monday, in response to Olbermann’s claim that Tea Partiers are all white, the Dallas group produced a video demonstrating how wrong the “Countdown” host was while asking him to attend Saturday’s festivities so that he could see for himself.


Keith Olbermann, one of MSNBC’s resident moonbats, has long complained about the “lack of diversity” in the Tea Party movement.  That’s just the Left’s way of flinging the race card. Well, since leftwingnut accusers never bother to actually show up and talk to the hispanic, black, or for that matter, white folks at these protests, the Texas Tea party has invited Olbermann to attend the upcoming protest at Dallas City Hall, 27 February from 1200-1400hrs. That’s noon-2pm for you civilian types.



There they are, Olby. Let’s see if you can borrow a set of balls and show up.

Link to Texas Tea Party site: http://dallasteaparty.org/3365/

By the way, here’s a portfolio of “diversity” at MSNBC.

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin.

Ahem. Check out the masthead of MSNBC TV, “The Place for Politics.” Wear sunglasses and SPF 30 lotion. You’ll need protection from the blinding white glare:

Take a closer look:

White and white.



Pallid white and pasty white.

Does it get any whiter than this?

Oh, and these are the colors of the gang that sneered at Palin’s “white crowd:”


Quick, someone call the diversity cops in the leftwing media!….Oh, wait a minute…never mind…..

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