DC Antifa Ringleader Charged


Jason Charter, a DC Antifa activist who was previously charged with being a ringleader in the attempt to destroy the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square near the White House in June has been arrested again by the DC Park Police. 

A source who was at the scene tells the Gateway Pundit that he “cried his eyes out” following the arrest, while waiting for a wagon to transport him to booking.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants were protesting a rally organized by Brandon Straka of the Walk Away Movement, which celebrates people leaving the Democrat Party to support President Donald Trump.

……Charter was arrested by the FBI and U.S. Park Police in July as part of a joint task force for his role in the destruction of the statues.

The documents also state that on June 20, Charter “is seen … standing over the toppled Pike Statue, pouring an unknown liquid onto the statue,” the FBI states. “He is then observed waving others away from the statue, and squatting down behind the statue where his hands are not visible. Seconds later, the statue catches fire. Charter is seen standing over the flames as it burns.”

Charter has previously made headlines for assaulting One America News reporter Jack Posobiec.


Hopefully, the little punk will be crying his eyes out during a jail sentence.

Here he is in Antifa regalia:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jason-carter-antifa-punk.jpg


His own words:

The pasty little punk will have his hands full fighting Leeshawn, Najeem, Qu’wan, and the rest of the home boys at the local jail.

Especially when he looks like this:

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