Dearbornistan: Man Cited for Flying Israeli Flags on Car

Dearborn, Michigan has become quite a muslim extremist operating base , with Islamic jihad centers and mosques that are breeding grounds for terrorism.  Here’s another example of creeping Sharia.

From Blazing Cat Fur.

Update: I have spoken with the reader who sent this in to me, it is legit. I expect to receive the film footage itself within a few days. It appears the police consider it “provocation” to drive with Israeli flags in Dearborn.  A VP at Fordson declined comment but did provide a contact with the district school board, who I have been unable to reach…

“On 9-14-2012, Dearborn Fordson High School principal called the police on me for driving with 2 Israeli flags on my truck.

“The Dearborn police were one car behind me when this student threw a bottle on my windshield. The police did not stop the student, but instead stopped me for 30 minutes asking me why I would display Israeli flags on my truck.”

“The Fordson High principal filed an incident report and so did I. However, Dearborn police refuse to release either report. Incident #: 12-49143, Incident #: 12-49503.”

In addition, I am a 1988 Fordson High School graduate.


The reader involved in this incident alerted  Niraj Warikoo, religion reporter for the Detroit Free Press, he dismissed the incident and accused the reader of “taunting” the students and explained that a student had merely “spilled” some pop on an Israeli flag. The reader involved was driving in front of the high school as it let out. He was backed up in traffic, a police car immediately behind him. He had Israeli flags on his truck.

When the students began their assault he rolled down his window asking them to stop. After they pulled him over the police used the rolled down window as a pretext to accuse him of instigating the altercation. While being questioned by the police in front of the high school the reader received death threats. The police denied hearing them though the individuals involved were only a few feet away.

The main mosque in Dearborn, the Islamic Center of America,  is run by Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini, who has considerable ties to Hezbollah, invited Nation of Islam’s lunatic Louis Farrakhan to speak, and openly advocates terrorism.

How did Dearborn become so invested in Islamic extremism?

Some background, courtesy of Sixth Column.

……Muslims have been a presence in Dearborn since the 19th century, when men from the Lebanese Biqa Valley, working as peddlers and traders, followed a larger number of Lebanese Christian émigrés to the U.S. When Henry Ford began to offer generous five-dollar daily wages for workers at his Highland Park assembly line in 1913, Detroit became the predominant destination for Lebanese immigrants. Immigration accelerated when Lebanon’s economy fell apart in the wake of the Ottoman Empire’s collapse at the end of World War I. The restrictive National Origins Act of 1924 reduced Lebanese immigration to a trickle, but over the next twenty years, wives and dependent children, whom the Act still allowed to immigrate, gradually reunited with their husbands and fathers. In 1927, Ford shifted operations to the Rouge River plant in his native Dearborn, and a Muslim neighborhood soon followed.

By the close of World War II, the Dearborn population numbered about 200 families. Most subsequent immigrants–Palestinian, Lebanese, and Iraqi–arrived in Dearborn as political refugees, with only Yemenis coming to Dearborn in this period primarily for economic opportunity (see sidebar). Collectively, the communities in Dearborn represent the second largest concentration of both Arabs and Muslims outside the Middle East, behind only Paris.

……A successful outreach and social services program called ACCESS “emerged when a group of young, second generation Arab Americans, influenced by the war in Vietnam and by contact with the Black Panthers, came together to become more politically involved with the local Arab community. Over decades, ACCESS has been expanded to include health care, literacy programs, English lessons, bureaucracy navigation, employment counseling, a newspaper, the Arab American News (or Al-Watan), Arabic-language programming on public-access cable, and a highly active American Arab Chamber of Commerce. Some village communities have formal institutions as “There’s not one Arab organization that the entire Arab American community embraces.”

It didn’t happen over night.

Contact the city hall and ask:

And the police chief:

Dearborn Police Department

Ronald Haddad

(313) 943-2240.

And the Fordson principal:

Mr. Youssef Mosallam

Check out the names of the staff at the site.

I bet the Dearborn phone book reads like a fucking Taliban village in Kabul.

I fired this off to Haddad:

“What gives you or that Islamist school principal the right to violate free speech in a Democratic Republic? There’s a distinct pattern in your town.  It’s become quite the enclave for muslim extremism. Christians, Jews, and ‘unbelievers’ are often targeted and bullied by muslim thugs, and apparently, now the police. If you want Sharia that badly, pack up and leave for the Islamic-nation state of your choice in the Middle East.  Americans who honor the Bill of Rights refuse to kowtow or be intimidated by your jackbooted methods. This is America, not Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.  Islamofascism has no place in America.  You and your fellow muzzies may follow an Arab zealot and his 7th Century screed, but don’t expect the rest of us to follow suit.  Tell you what, if some muzzie asshole decided to drive down my street with an Al Qaeda or PLO flag on their car, I’ll make sure I call the police and spill shit on their flags, too. But it ain’t gonna be pop.  How do you like that reciprocation?

Dearborn needs an overhaul.”

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  2. Excellent.
    The Dearborn Police still refuse to release the reports. What is Dearborn hiding now??
    If Dearborn Police can not protect the public then it’s time for Governor Synder to call out the National Guard.

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