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The fuckbags who voted for Dalai Bama are already having buyer’s remorse:

Gay-rights activists remain hopeful about the Obama presidency but are now more wary after what one called a “double punch to the gut” — the choice of a pastor they consider hostile for a prime inauguration role and dashed hopes for the first openly gay Cabinet member.

Enthusiasm among gays over Barack Obama’s election has deflated rapidly in the days since his inaugural organizers announced that the invocation would be delivered by the Rev. Rick Warren, a prominent pastor who backed a recent ballot measure banning same-sex marriage in his home state of California.

Guess who jumped on the ‘our-savior-Obama-broke-our-liberal-hearts’ wagon?

Ted Rall, the nihilist asswipe who draws cartoons and writes frothing diatribes depicting American troops as uneducated, sadistic, contract killers, opines about Obama’s ‘betrayal’ of the adoring constituency that got him elected.
He’s also quite pissed over the prospect of us finishing the job of anihilating the rest of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. He throws in the requisite faux liberal concern for the troops and dire consequences for good measure.

….Obama doesn’t want to end the war.

Obama will classify some units as “combat troops” and send them to Afghanistan, which he wants to expand into an even bigger war. But tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of troops, will remain in Iraq, killing and getting killed.

“Even though the [U.S.] agreement with the Iraq government calls for all American combat troops to be out of the cities by the end of June [2009],” reported the Times on December 22nd, military planners are “now quietly acknowledging that many will stay behind as renamed ‘trainers’ and ‘advisers’ in what are effectively combat roles. In other words, they will still be engaged in combat, just called something else.”

He finishes off his crying jag with this:

Yet, even in a depression, Barack Obama is no less devoted to the pit of blood and treasure that is Iraq than George W. Bush.

Forget preemptive war. How about preemptive impeachment?

But, give the left a war untainted by any possibility of the US advancing its own security interests, and they’re ready to expend all the blood and treasure in the world in a unilateral war.

Hat Tip to Weazel Zippers:

NewsBusters has a compilation of Rall’s typical filth here:

More liberal angst:

Liberals are growing increasingly nervous – and some just flat-out angry – that President-elect Barack Obama seems to be stiffing them on Cabinet jobs and policy choices.

Obama has reversed pledges to immediately repeal tax cuts for the wealthy and take on Big Oil. He’s hedged his call for a quick drawdown in Iraq. And he’s stocking his White House with anything but stalwarts of the left.

Now some are shedding a reluctance to puncture the liberal euphoria at being rid of President George W. Bush to say, in effect, that the new boss looks like the old boss.

“He has confirmed what our suspicions were by surrounding himself with a centrist to right cabinet. But we do hope that before it’s all over we can get at least one authentic progressive appointment,” said Tim Carpenter, national director of the Progressive Democrats of America.

Obama’s nod toward India aggravates the Hopey Changeytude crowd:

Although Obama said he did not want to comment on the specific situation involving India and Pakistan, his tacit endorsement of New Delhi adopting the same policy was circumscribed by two caveats: first, let the investigators reach definite conclusions about the Mumbai carnage, and second, see if Pakistan will follow through with its commitment to cooperate in eliminating terrorism.

”My administration will remain steadfast in support of India’s effort to catch perpetrators and bring them to justice. I expect the world community will feel the same way,” Obama said, in one of several references to the events in Mumbai that underscored the roll-out of his national security team in Chicago on Monday.

……Obama reiterated his stand that there was only one president at a time in the U.S as he trod a delicate line in setting any new policy. But he appreciated the actions taken by the Bush administration and keeping him informed about it. ”What I can say unequivocally is that both myself and my team are absolutely committed to eliminating terrorism,” he said. ”We cannot tolerate attacks based on twisted ideology of hate…we will bring the full force of our military, economic and diplomatic power to defeat this. I will be monitoring the situation closely.”

Hat Tip to Jules Crittenden:
Gee, sounds just like the Bush/Cheney approach.

But not to worry. Mark Rudd, a founder of the terrorist group Weather Underground and comrade to Obama’s mentors, outlines what he believes is the covert plan in Obama’s strategy:

If you’re anything like me, your inbox fills up daily with the cries and complaints of lefties. Just the mere mention of the names Hillary Clinton and Lawrence Summers alone conjure up a litany of horrendous right-wingers appointed to top level positions.

Betrayal is the name of the game.

But wait a second. Let’s talk about a few things:

* Obama is a very strategic thinker. He knew precisely what it would take to get elected and didn’t blow it. He used community organizing methods to mobilize a base consisting of many people who had never voted before or who regularly don’t vote. Few other candidates in my lifetime have taken this road, which is contrary to conventional political wisdom. (Paul Wellstone was a wonderful exception to the rule.) But he also knew that what he said had to basically play to the center to not be run over by the press, the Republicans, scare centrist and cross-over voters away. He made it.

A contributor to the leftie rag concurs:

…..His centrist appointments are a smokescreen; they co-opt the moderate center, but he’s still the commander in chief. Even Lenin would be impressed!
–Jeff Jones

Melanie Phillips, a columnist at The Spectator (UK) agrees. She asserts that the appointment of ‘centrist’ figures is simply a ruse to assuage the fears of conservatives:

The key is the stupidity of so many of Obama’s opponents, amplified by the credulousness and prejudices of the media and the ignorance of the public. The shallow Republicans and their supporters in the media and blogosphere have in large measure fallen for Obama’s stealth politics hook, line and sinker. As a result of his ‘centrist’ appointments which have got them absurdly cooing over people like Clinton and Holder, Gates and Jones,……their guard is now totally lowered. They still don’t know the true nature of what has hit them — and at this rate will never know until they wake up one morning to a transformed America and a free world that has lost the war being fought against it.

Hat tip to World Net Daily:

Ron Radosh at Pajamas Media disagrees:

As I read the words of these unreconstructed leftwing extremists, I see a group of delusional people living in the dream world of their defunct ideology. The team that Obama has chosen are anything but people of the Left, even though at one time or another in their past, some of them may have been.

What is surprising is that Melanie Phillips actually seems to think that they are correct- that Obama is a stealth Marxist whose appointments are sham fronts meant to allow him to impose a secret left-wing agenda. She writes: “Just like me they believe Obama is practicing stealth politics with a degree of sophistication and success with which ‘even Lenin would be impressed.’…Obama knows that he must be subtle and reassure even the most conservative of his opponents if he is to achieve his radical goals.”

I have a simple retort to this: If you have radical goals, why appoint all your key people from the center and center/right? As David Horowitz has written on his own blog on
“conservatives need to get a grip.” He continues: “Now, as president-elect he has just formed the most conservative foreign policy team since John F. Kennedy, one well to the right of Bill Clinton. ..What is more relevant in his Hillary Clinton pick — her prickly past or the fact that except for Joe Lieberman, she is the Democrat most identified with support for the Iraq War?” And he goes on to note that Obama has appointed a conservative former Marine as his National Security Advisor, and kept Robert Gates on as Secretary of Defense.

As for me, I wouldn’t trust Obama no way, no how.

I do not believe for one nanosecond that someone so steeped in Marxist ideology would only mouth the platitudes without doing his best to follow through. I also don’t believe that someone who literally grew up with terrorist radicals like William Ayers, attended a mosque in Indonesia, and eventually adopted ‘Black Liberation Theology’, would suddenly switch to being an American patriot.

We have the next four years to find out.

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