Dem: ‘My Party Left Me Behind’

Another Dem becomes disillusioned with the bile in her party.

From Saritha Prabhu, a columnist at the Tennessean

I am a Democrat who has spent the last two years often criticizing my own party and fellow Democrats.

Yeah, I’m a bad Democrat, I know.

I have friends and readers asking me, “Are you still a liberal?” and “Have you changed parties?” and “Why are you seemingly defending Trump?”

I’ve been a loyal Democrat for about 15 years. As someone who became a citizen in 2006, I became a Democrat during the George W. Bush years, because I liked the party’s anti-war, pro-minority, pro-environment, pro-little guy positions.

But the 2016 election was an eye-opener for me. To use the current political jargon, I became “woke,” in some very different ways, and I got “red-pilled.”

It was the year I recognized that our two political parties have become dinosaurs, ossified beyond recognition. Yes, there’s grassroots energy in the Democratic Party, but party leadership is essentially bereft of ideas.

It was the year I joined millions of Americans in losing faith in the ruling class of both parties and in many of our political institutions.

It was also the year this voter became increasingly frustrated that our national media outlets — cable, network and legacy news media — have self-bifurcated into stark pro- and anti-Trump factions.

The real divisions, as I see it, aren’t between Democrats and Republicans, but between the political and corporate ruling class and the national media establishments that support them, on the one hand, and the rest of us. All the other divisions are less consequential.

Politicians from both parties have gotten away with letting down ordinary Americans for decades because millions of Americans are culturally wedded to their tribal political identities of Republican or Democrat, and can’t think outside the box.

Looked at this way, the election of Donald Trump made perfect sense to me. Sixty-three million voters — including African-Americans, Hispanics and Democrats — rejected status quo politics and voted for a strong, rank outsider to shake the establishment from their comfortable perches.

……The Democratic Party and its followers have left me for many reasons, but here are a few examples:

  • The party and its followers have been showing illiberal tendencies for some time.
  • It has gone off the rails on immigration, free speech, identity politics and some other issues — a topic I’ll defer for another day.
  • I’m no Trump supporter, but I’ve been horrified and repulsed by the political and cultural left’s hatred, demonization and mistreatment of President Trump, his family, his administration officials and his voters, which is even worse (if that’s possible) than what the right did to President Obama.

I view the current political climate both as a citizen and a writer.

As a citizen, I see myself more as a political orphan — neither Democrat or Republican.

For an opinion writer, self-identifying as a Democrat (or Republican) can be constricting. It can consciously or unconsciously make you hew to positions, make you defend the indefensible. It can give you cognitive dissonance.

For example: Defending Hillary Clinton in 2016 and the Democratic Party’s current far-left stance on immigration would’ve required me to be dishonest about my views or to contort my opinions into impossible positions.

I see myself as a political independent these days, who’ll opine based on what she sees and thinks, not along party lines.

For what it’s worth, renegades like me are like that canary in the coal mine: We’re trying to warn Democrats when they’re tone-deaf or still don’t get it.


Many grassroots Republicans have been angered by the GOP as well. Not just by the ‘Never Trump’ bullshit, but the rancid hostility towards constituents who hold them accountable for their actions.

There’s a reason why groups like the Tea Party were created and gained influence and momentum. Rank and file GOP representatives have abandoned the principles in the United States Constitution of limited government and fiscal restraint.  They allowed Obama to add 10 trillion dollars to the national debt.  Every time the government gets a debt limit increase, it’s like giving crack to an addict. It’s a green light to spend this country further into an abyss.

They  villifyinsult, and denigrate faithful Republican voters and Tea Party Patriots for demanding that they fulfill the promises they made. We expect that kind of filth from LeftProg Dems; not from our own.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Dem party is just as unhinged as it can be.

The party is full of assclowns.

On the first day this new crop of malfeasants was sworn in, they immediately belched out the anti-Trump “impeachment” mantra.

Freshman muzzie U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib from Michigan (where else?) declared: “because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.’”  In 2006, Tlaib wrote an OpEd for Louis Farrakhan’s Final Call publication.  Oh yeah, and like a good piece of muzzie excrement, she swore in on a Quran.

Rep. Steve Cohen wants to abolish the Electoral College.  Dems favor having liberal-controlled states like California and New York decide how long to keep America hostage, not a system which guarantees the balance of voting power for all states. Cohen is a real rancid piece of work. His history of leftwing agenda: HERE.

The bright shiny new object in the Dem party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is an avalanche of socialist stupidity. She’s anti-Israel, utters some of the most  idiotic statements , ever, and for someone who has a degree in economics, she doesn’t know squat about the subject.

They’ve got a small but vocal contingent of muzzie radicals including Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a radical muslim who took her oath of office on a Quran , has friends who joined the Somali terror group al-Shabab, is a bigamist who married her own brother for immigration fraud, and served as an Advisory Board member for the Minnesota branch of the terrorist-connected CAIR.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), who served as the deputy chair of the DNC, is an anti-Semitic radical muslim with ties to multiple terrorist facilitators and organizations such as the Nation of IslamCAIR, and the Islamic Society of North America.  He also accepted campaign contributions from leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Ellison takes the misogyny in the Quran quite seriously, especially when he abuses former girlfriends.   Just think, this shitbag has just been elected Minnesota Attorney General.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is the vile, deranged face of the Dem Party. Her incoherent rants are legendary.  She has a close relationship with the National Council of La Raza, supports communists, Islamists, and anarchist groups like Occupy. She’s a proponent of illegal aliens, believes in big government and wealth redistribution, and while she vacayed in Hawaii during the partial government shutdown, she totally ignored a family grieving over the murder of a fallen police officer who was killed by an illegal alien.  She is one of the most corrupt members of the Dem party, and that’s saying a lot.

Over the last two and a half years, the DemLeft thugs have upped the ante on threats and violence, and have achieved a prominent position as the biggest hate group in the country.

President Trump is reversing the damage Barky Obama did to this country and has accomplished more positive improvements to the economy, foreign policy, and national security in his first two years in office than all the previous White House occupants since Ronald Reagan.

And the Dems hate him for it.



1 thought on “Dem: ‘My Party Left Me Behind’”

  1. It is good to see a post that spotlights traitors determined to destroy these United States. Hopefully the brighter the light the more REAL Americans will step up to help stamp out the vermin overrunning our country.
    Buffoons like Bernie Sanders, Lying Liz Warren and Nancy”The Confused Prune” Pelosi, aren’t qualified to lead a flock of deranged chickens. AOC, the Assclown On Crack, please! Tlaib, Omar and Harris, Gitmo seems like a good place for you to regale like minded lunatics. Our President got it right when he suggested that the muzzie bitches in congress go back where they came from. Although 3 of 4 were born here, one has only to listen to their combined gum slapping rhetoric to see where their hearts really lie. Throw these Anti- American assholes out of Congress, out of the media spotlight and out of the country. They are nothing more than domestic terrorists in positions of power. No one with a connection to Islam should be allowed political influence in the free world. Accept it or not, any Muslim is subject to pressure from their radical brethren to adhere to their doctrine or face the consequences. The horrifying possibilities far outweigh any cries of racism or Islamophobia.
    The Democratic Party has spent almost three years vilifying President Trump while accomplishing absolutely nothing positive for the citizens they supposedly represent. Their true constituents are fringe lunatic windbags and stupid drones bent on getting their piece of the pie without actually working for it. Here’s some news for you twits. We here in America are equal with the opportunity to become unequal. If someone has more than you, too damn bad. You get no claim on someone else’s accomplishments. Get off your asses and use your hands for something besides taking handouts.
    I believe I’m not the only one sick to death of the constant attacks on morality and law. We, as a country,are at the edge of a great sewer, filled with the foul turds known as the media,their followers and what passes for the Democratic Party today. We have the choices of being slowly drowned,just jumping in to get it over with or flushing the whole rotten mess by holding traitors and lawbreakers accountable combined with voting out the current accumulation of crud tainting the American Dream. The opposition has clearly shown their hands. Let’s put them in cuffs before they wrap them any more tightly around our necks.

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