Dem Pheonix Mayor: Free Speech/Draw Mohammad Contest is “Purposely Provocative”

From Breitbart.

During the May 29th airing of CNN’s OutFront with Erin Burnett, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (D) described the “Draw Muhammad” contest as “purposely provocative” and a demonstration of “divisive behavior.”
Stanton’s comments came within hours of the contest’s start.
Burnett opened her interview of Stanton by asking what he meant by “purposely provocative”?

The mayor responded:
“The desire of this organization to come right in front of this mosque in the heart of the city of Phoenix–the Islamic Community Center–to sell and wear t-shirts that say “F Islam”–it doesn’t take much to come to the conclusion that they are being purposely provocative.”

Stanton did admit that the “Draw Muhammad” contest participants had “First Amendment rights to protest,” and he made clear Phoenix police would be there “to make sure that the protest [was carried out] as peaceably as possible in the heart of [Phoenix].”

Burnett then re-iterated her question, re-emphasizing the”F-Islam” shirts seen at the event and pointing to the fact that contest organizer Jon Ritzheimer had asked protest attendees to come armed. She then looked at Mayor Stanton and said, “That’s got to make you pretty angry.”

“I’m not happy this is happening in my city. Look, the honest truth is, I think this is a really bad idea. Just because you have a constitutional right to do something doesn’t make it a good idea. And I believe the intent here is to be purposely provocative. Look, this is happening at a time of evening prayers at this mosque. So at the same time that we’re going to be required to protect the First Amendment rights of these protesters, equally we have to ensure the members of this mosque have an opportunity to come to evening prayers in an environment free of intimidation or violence.”

Stanton reiterated that was not happy that the protest was occurring, then said again, “I do believe the people involved are trying to be purposely provocative.”

As the interview was ending, Mayor Stanton said the contest represented “divisive behavior.”

There are other things that Burnett and Stanton probably find “purposely provocative”, like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Things they apparently don’t find “purposely provocative”:

Muslims making threats, trying to kill people, and carrying out mass murder because someone criticizes their violent theocracy and draws cartoons of a crazy ass prophet.


The Ft. Hood shootings.

Shooting U.S. Soldiers at a recruiting station in the name of allah.

The Boston Marathon attack.

Terrorists being bred in the very Phoenix mosque where the protesters gathered.

A muzzie in Oklahoma beheading a co-worker because she wasn’t muslim.

Muslim terrorist shooting and killing two Air Force personnel outside Frankfurt.

Radical muzzie attacking cops with a hatchet.

Heinous crimes against  women,  stonings, beatings maiming,  beheadings“honor killings”rape,  attempted murder and genital mutilation, in accordance with Islamic inspired Sharia law.

Islamic world-wide atrocities.

The koran, which is chock full of misogyny, death to the infidel, anti-Semitism, and anti-Christian rhetoric.

Al Qaeda holds Death To The West conferences in  Chicago, there’s a substantial radical muzzie enclave in Dearborn, Michigan,  and Jamaat Al Fuqra terrorists have established training centers across the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab-American Action Network, and CAIR, three major facilitators of Islamic terrorism, operate freely within our borders.

In spite of the real provocative shit happening in this country and around the world, all Stanton can do is get his panties in a wad over patriots who raise their voices against the Islamic cancer in America.

Here’s something purposely provocative for Burnett and Stanton:


One size fits all.

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