Dem Rep.: “I’m not going to join a government sponsored health plan”

More hubris from the party of ‘Hope and Change’.

From Real Clear Politics.

REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ (D-IL): But at the same time, we did go out to the private sector. I’m not going to join a government sponsored health care come Monday. I’m going — I’m going to have a private sponsored plan.

As a member of Congress, in my salary, I’m going to pay more when I gain access to that. I should have the same health care that we had, as every other federal employee.

But look, here’s one of the things that I understand about this. I talked to my daughter today. And I said, babe, you’re going to be on the health care plan. You might want to go on there and see what LSU offers you. And we want — as a family, we might want to do this. I think those are decisions that everybody is going to be making.

And then, she said sure, dad, you’re going to pay a little more because you make a lot more than other people in America make. She is absolutely right.

Let me get this straight, Gutierrez. You are part and parcel to the ObamaCare disaster being rammed through Congress and down our throats. You suddenly discover you don’t want it, but you want the privilege of a private plan while the rest of America is subjected to a socialist monstrosity you won’t apply to yourself.

Even if you decide to “pay a little more” you’ll get subsidies for the trouble.

Your daughter will get a rude awakening.  Most young people are running like hell from Obama and his socialized medicine.  She might just reject it as well, unless Daddy pays for it.


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