Dem Stupidiot of the Day: Tom Harkin

Dem Senator Tom Harkin thinks D.C. doesn’t have a spending problem and America isn’t going broke.

Obama has spent over $6 trillion in four years, the national debt is $16 trillion and climbing, China owns at least $1.2 trillion of our debt, taxpayers are on the hook for over $27 billion due to Obama’s failed “stimulus” bailouts, the debt per average taxpayer is $145,000, Obama wasted billions of tax dollars on failed “green energy” scams, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are in serious trouble,  at least 47% of the (welfare) population is being supported by taxes, unemployment is rampant, the total egregious waste of taxpayer dollars for pork barrel projects in 2012 came to  $3.3 billion, and Obama’s ‘fiscal cliff’ bill comes with a $4 trillion price tag.

But the corrupt, immoral, shitbags in Washington don’t have a spending problem.

Fucking incredible. The government is chock full of these morons.

1 thought on “Dem Stupidiot of the Day: Tom Harkin”

  1. John Egbert

    Am I disappointed? Yea, verily. Am I surprised? November foxtrot Whiskey!

    He’s in the same boat as fellow Stupidiot Steny Hoyer, number two dimmocrap in the House behind Sanfran Nan the Botox Queen. Hoywer’s the useful idiot who said, just the other day, that Congress doesn’t have a spending problen – they only have a “pay it back” problem. Huh???

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