DemLeft Media and Politicians Have Busy Week Full of Racism, Sexism, and Calls for Censorship

Women’s rights? Treating women as equals? What’s that?

MSNBC host Alex Witt compares the women of congress to ‘meowing cats’.

VP letch Joe Biden to Senator Heidi Heitkamp (ND-D) during the photo op with the newly sworn in Senators at the State Capitol:

“Spread your legs, you’re going to get frisked.”

The look on her husband’s face says it all. He walked away immediately after the picture was snapped.  Fuckin’ Biden. What a scumbag.

Obama’s war on women has escalated. Females are woefully underrepresented and underpaid in the White House staff.

When the target is a female conservative, nothing compares with the filth, derangement, and pornographic insults flung by the Left.

Freedom of speech is an exclusive right reserved by Dems, according to leftie New Hampshire legislator, Cynthia Chase. She actually wants to pass a law that “will restrict the ‘freedoms’ that they (conservatives) think they will find here.”

Her sentiment is shared by John (band-aid wound) Kerry,  Paul Krugman, the hag from San Fransisco, aka Nancy Pelosi, and Jay Rockefeller and Sheila Jackson-Lee.
It’s incredible but not surprising how the unhinged moonbats in the Democratic party want to censor everyone but themselves.

When it comes to unbridled racism, no one does it quite like the Dems and their constituents.

Black sports columnist Jason Whitlock compared black conservative scholar Thomas Sowell to a house slave.

Thomas Sowell,  is a National Humanities Award winner, a Rose and Milton Friedman fellow at the distinguished Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and one of the country’s most respected economists and thinkers.

Whitlock, on the other hand, is a petty, foul-mouthed bigot.

The hate and physical assaults leveled at black Tea Party conservatives is regularly ignored and in some cases, excused by the leftwing media.  Black Republicans like Mia Love, Kenneth Gladney,  James T. Harris,  Bill Randall, Condoleeza Rice,  Tim Scott, and Allen West, are often treated with obscenities and horrific violence by so-called “tolerant” lefties. Their sin is choosing substance over pigment; which the Left finds intolerable.

The myopic, intolerant, prejudiced pigs on the left end of the political spectrum, should clean the shit out of their own ranks before they criticize others.

But we know that will never happen.

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