Demonizer-in-Chief Whines: ‘Conservative Media ‘Demonizes Me’

From the Washington Examiner.

During his press conference today,…Obama explained that although he is always willing to spend time socializing with Republicans, conservative media outlets have demonized him – making him unpopular.

“Republicans feel like given how much energy has been devoted by some of the media preferred by Republican constituencies to demonize me, that it doesn’t look real good socializing with me,” Obama said, pointing to former Florida Governor Charlie Crist as an example.

Get that crybaby a box of Kleenex.

obama crybaby

This is coming from an Alinksy acolyte who memorized the rulebook.

Obama demonizes gun owners, business owners and Wall Street investors; successful entrepreneurs who create jobs and hire people. He rails for tax increases on the demonized rich and ‘spreading their wealth’.  Every domestic economic policy of his oozes socialist class warfare.  George Bush and Republicans in the legislature get the blame for all of his failings.  The ultimate in demonization is the Enemies of the State list compiled by Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano.
Like myself, if you’re an Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran, an outspoken Obama critic, anti-illegal alien,  and a gun owner, you’re on the list.

Fuck Obama. As long as he feels demonized, we’re doing our job.

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