Dems Despondent Over Mueller’s Shitshow

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Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s mythic profile — built over a period of two years by Trump detractors hoping his investigation and later his testimony would pave the way for the president’s removal from office — took a hit Wednesday as the veteran lawman was seen stumbling through questions and at times unclear about the contents of his own report.

Now, some of President Trump’s biggest critics are turning their ire toward the legend himself, panning his performance at this high-stakes forum, even though Mueller repeatedly made clear he did not wish to testify in the first place.

“Much as I hate to say it, this morning’s hearing was a disaster,” Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe tweeted, in reference to Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. Tribe is an outspoken critic of Trump who often calls for his impeachment and indictment. He noted Mueller’s appearance failed to provide the made-for-TV moment that Democrats could rally behind in their efforts to bring down the president.

“Far from breathing life into his damning report, the tired Robert Mueller sucked the life out of it.”

Left-wing documentarian Michael Moore had even harsher words about Mueller, and all the “pundits and moderates and lame Dems” who thought he would deliver.

……Mueller largely was retreading ground already covered in the report. And his critical comments were undermined by his stumbling in the face of Republican questioning, and confusion over key details. Several on the left readily acknowledged this was not the home run for which they hoped.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin scored it as a win for President Trump.

“Look at who’s winning now, it certainly seems like Donald Trump is winning between the two of them,” Toobin said Wednesday.

NBC’s Chuck Todd noted that while Mueller did deliver some substance that benefitted Democrats, “on optics, this was a disaster.

Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, who just a week earlier introduced a resolution to impeach Trump, recognized that even though Mueller “met my expectations,” others may have been disappointed.

“Some persons were hoping for a seminal moment. A ‘wow’ moment. It didn’t happen,” Green said. Green tweeted Thursday morning that this was because the report and Trump’s actions had been already been discussed “ad nauseum.”

David ‘Astroturf’ Axelrod added this lament:  

……The Justice Department Inspector General also is examining the FBI’s use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to conduct surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. A report is expected to be released this summer. Attorney General Bill Barr also has Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham investigating the origins of the investigation.

John Nolte’s take:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s bumbling, stumbling, grumbling, tumbling, crumbling testimony Wednesday before the U.S House of Representatives was not only karma on steroids, it once again proved just how  brilliant the American Constitution is.

……You want to know who Robert Mueller reminded me of yesterday?

A guilty man.

I didn’t see senility or fragility or confusion or old age or anything close to doddering.

What I saw was a guilty man forced to take the stand against his will, a guilty man who fought like hell to never appear for a cross examination. Why? Because he’s guilty. And because the facts are not on his side, because he cannot explain his behavior, because he cannot justify what he’s done, he has only one choice and that’s to stall —  to ask for questions to be repeated, to pretend he doesn’t understand, to run out the clock, and when that fails, he simply refuses to answer any question (take the Fifth!) that will confirm his guilt.

And in the end we saw who Robert Mueller really is — a dissembling, dishonest, deceptive bureaucrat — a front man (Captain America!) leading a criminal gang of coup plotters staffed with partisan prosecutors, the sore losers in the establishment media, the Democrat Party, and Toxic Revengers with names like James Comey and Andrew McCabe.


Mueller’s gang, the FBI, and the DOJ not only deviated from acceptable practice, but committed crimes to cover for Hillary and smear Trump.

Time to investigate the corrupt malfeasants behind the hoax.

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