Dems Pull $80 Million From GITMO Closure Funding

Senate Democrats decided Tuesday to pull $80 million from the $91 billion war spending request — money Obama had requested to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility by Jan. 22, 2010. 

Democratic leaders informed the White House in the morning , that they would withhold funds for closing Guantano until the administration presents a detailed plan for its closure, something the president has said must happen by Jan. 22, 2010.

……Senate Republicans, feeling they had gained the upper hand on Democrats in recent weeks as they railed against closing the facility and moving detainees to the U.S., said they still intend to offer amendments related to the closure.

One amendment would, using funding restraints, have the effect of banning all detainees from the United States.

Another joint amendment by Sens. Joe Lieberman, ID-Conn., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., would have the same effect. It would say all detainees who are non-U.S. citizens cannot be placed on U.S. soil, but instead would be placed in the custody of the Department of Homeland Security until which time they can be extradited.

Obama’s decision to close GITMO in a hurry, backfired.  Aside from that, while he was pandering to his leftwing constituents, he didn’t come up with a plan B for prisoner distribution.  If he tries to send them here, there will be an uproar, and so far, no European country is willing to take them.

One alternative is to extradite them back to the Islamic nation-state of origin, in many cases, the one that trained them to begin with.   The other is to try them, convict them, sentence them to prison time, and figure out what the hell we’ll do with them after they get released.  None of it is very appealing, considering they usually pick up where they left off once they’re let go.

Closing GITMO is a gigantic mistake.  Islamic terrorism will not end if the facility is closed. What the hell does he intend to do with future prisoners?

Maybe we can drop them off with his family in Kenya.

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