Dems Refuse to Support Protesters Demonstrating Against the Iranian Regime

They not only empathize with radical muzzies, they side with their regimes.


Via The Daily Caller

Democrats in the House of Representatives blocked a vote Tuesday to support the protesters in Iran who are demonstrating against the regime.

Consideration and a vote on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s resolution was blocked because Democrats advanced the previous question, by a vote of 226-191. The resolution would have condemned the Government of Iran for killing 1,500 Iranian citizens who were protesting their government, as well as condemned the Government of Iran for shooting down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, killing 176 people.

In addition, the resolution; “(3) condemns the Government of Iran for repeatedly lying to its people and to the world about its responsibility for the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752; (4) calls on the Government of Iran to— (A) refrain from the use of violence; and (B) protect the rights of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly; and (5) supports the protestors in Iran, their demands for accountability, and their desire for the Government of Iran to respect freedom and human rights.”

“What a disappointment —Democrats just blocked a vote on a resolution supporting the Iranian protestors. This is not the time for partisan politics. This should be a time for the US Congress to speak with one voice to condemn an Iranian regime that kills its own people,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a tweet.


The Left shields and defends Islam because they have a lot in common. They were perfectly fine with Obama’s disastrous Iranian nuke deal and sending Tehran pallets of cash, but hit one of their terrorist leaders and they have grand mal seizures. 

The Dems have a lengthy history of siding with America’s enemies.


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3 thoughts on “Dems Refuse to Support Protesters Demonstrating Against the Iranian Regime”

  1. Let’s hope that the Republicans and any honorable democrat left in the Senate crush the traitorous impeachment mongers and then go after them with everything that’s within their power. It’s time that these pompous bottom feeders felt the wrath of the people that they are supposed to serve. They will kiss any ass that furthers their radical agenda, even of those bent on destroying us, simply because they hate Donald Trump. Watching the clown parade of highly visible democratic vermin makes me want to vomit and shower every time I see or hear their incessant Lying BS. Supporting our enemies while screwing us at every opportunity should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that Nancy and her mindless screaching lemmings need to be locked in rubber rooms till the second coming of Christ.

    1. Who is this “honorable democrat left in the Senate” that you speak of? The only person that comes to mind is Joe Lieberman, who now calls himself an Independent.

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