Dems Sutton and Kucinich to be Redistricted in New Congressional Map

Thank. Gawd.

Democrats will lose two congressional seats in Northeast Ohio under a remapping plan that will be introduced in Ohio’s legislature this week. But they will gain a new seat in Columbus that’s being designed to shift Republicans who now represent the city into safer suburban seats.

Republican and Democratic sources say that in Northeast Ohio, the plan will shift Copley Township Democrat Betty Sutton into a largely Republican district that’s being constructed to favor the re-election of freshman GOP Rep. Jim Renacci of Wadsworth.

The western Cuyahoga County power base of Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich will become part of a district that snakes along Lake Erie from Toledo and is designed to favor the re-election of longtime Toledo Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur.

Sutton and Kaptur indicated Monday that they will continue to seek re-election, regardless of what redistricting holds.

……Kucinich spokesman Nathan White said his boss won’t comment on the redistricting plan until the Ohio legislature acts on it. Kucinich has said he does not want to battle another Democratic incumbent and has expressed interest in seeking office in Washington state, which will have two open, Democratic-leaning congressional seats in 2012.

Ohio must eliminate two of its 18 congressional seats because its population is growing more slowly than other states. Republicans who took over the Ohio General Assembly during the last election have control over the process.

Kucinich, a screeching leftwing moonbat and one of the biggest embarassments in Ohio political history, is pondering a move to Washington State.

If all goes well, he’ll be the Evergreen State’s problem child.

Sutton is a flaming liberal who, along with Kucinich, jumped on the ObamaCare bandwagon. She’s also a labor lawyer with union ties, which automatically relegates her to the political shitcan in my book.

If you think those two are bad, we’re still stuck with Sherrod Brown,  a total leftwing asshole who compares opponents of union thugs to Hitler, Mubarak and Stalin.  Brown isn’t exactly a student of history. Hitler not only advocated trade unions, but used them as political allies. Brown’s wife, Connie Schultz, is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist who writes a column for the Cleveland PeeDee, and injected her anti-war politics into a commencement speech at Oberlin college.

Now if only we could only ‘redistrict’ Brown out of the state of Ohio.


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