Dems Use Martin Shooting as Opportunity to Politicize, Race-Bait, and Act Out Thug Fantasies

Being race pimps is their specialty.

Bobby Rush, ex Black Panther and current member of the House of Representatives, decided to show his ass on the House floor with a “tribute” to Trayvon Martin.

A congressman was removed from the House floor Wednesday after giving a speech about Trayvon Martin while wearing a hoodie.

Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Illinois, told House members, “racial profiling has to stop.”

Rush, a former Black Panther who was active in the civil rights movement in the 1960s, then took off his suit jacket, pulled a gray hoodie on over his head and put on sunglasses.

“Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum,” he said.

Coulda fooled me.

That’s Rush in the first photo.

The entire “gangsta” culture is glorified, and “hoodies” are part of that culture. Cafe Press sells a gazillion of them.

Muthafucka, YOU created the profiling with your thug actions and thug behavior. You dress accordingly. The hoodie is standard wear when holding your piece sideways and busting a cap in a cop’s azz. Right?

Watch what happens when Corrine Brown gets called on the race baiting:

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin asks Rep. Corrine Brown if her black colleagues would be as upset about the circumstances of the Trayvon Martin case if the Trayvon was white. Brown claims she was involved the investigation of a slain white girl in her community, but when pressed she couldn’t even recall the girl’s name. Brown dodges the question and launches into a tirade about taxes.

By the way, the young girl’s name was Somer Thompson.    Some research also revealed that Brown did not allocate funds  to the Clay County Sheriff’s Department to continue the investigation, nor is there any record of her showing  up at any rallies or voicing support to Somer’s family. In other words, Brown is a liar.

Maxine Waters did her usual squalling, as did Frederica Wilson and Hank Johnson.

There are a few black leaders who have the guts to tell the race baiters to shut the fuck up.   Alveda King is one.  Allen West is another. So is C.L. Bryant. 

A subculture of radical militant racists has bored into our government, academia, and media.   Their very existence depends on whatever chaos they can squeeze out of any crime involving race—only if the victim is black.

There’s lots of new information about the shooting, including that Zimmerman was attacked by Martin.  After Sharpton and his contingent of cockroaches get through milking this for all the publicity it’s worth, it will go the way of the Tawana Brawley hoax and Duke Lacrosse travesty; leaving the truth and the falsely accused in their wake.

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