DNI Chief James Clapper Apologizes for Lying to Congress About Blanket Surveillance

It was under oath no less, so shouldn’t he be charged with perjury?

From Fox News.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has apologized for telling Congress the National Security Agency doesn’t gather data on millions of Americans.

The apology comes after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden gave top-secret information to newspapers that last month published stories about the federal government collecting the data from phone calls and such Internet communications as emails.

Clapper apologized in a letter to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein that was posted Tuesday on the website of Clapper’s office.

Clapper said in the June 21 letter that his answer was “clearly erroneous.”

Americans have long known the United States implemented surveillance programs under the Patriot Act, in the wake of 9/11, with the goal of preventing more terror attacks, and that the programs targeted foreign and overseas suspects. However, many Americans seem stunned at the apparent extent of the programs and that the broad data collection included basic details on Americans’ phone records.

……Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden asked Clapper at a March 12 congressional hearing whether the NSA “collects any type of data at all on millions of hundreds of millions of Americas?” Wyden asked because Clapper suggested publicly months earlier that stories about the NSA keeping “dossiers” on millions of Americans were “completely false.”

Clapper told Wyden: “No sir, it does not.”

When asked for clarification, he said “not wittingly.”

After the latest stories appeared to reveal otherwise, Clapper said he gave the “least untruthful answer possible.”

In other words, he lied his ass off.   And he’ll get away with it, just like Holder, Lerner, and Hillary.

It doesn’t do any good to swear them in before testimony. The oath has no meaning and the consequences have no teeth.


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1 thought on “DNI Chief James Clapper Apologizes for Lying to Congress About Blanket Surveillance”

  1. Ah, to be an elite like Janet Reno and have the moral pride of taking full responsibility for burning women and children but with zero consequences. Ain’t life grand in the US of A? If you’re a political elite?

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