Do any Obama Appointees Pay Taxes?

They may not pay them, but they’ll vote to raise everyone else’s.
Another Obama cabinet member ‘unaware’ of taxes.

The confirmation of another Cabinet member stalled Thursday because of unpaid taxes after USA TODAY disclosed that the husband of Labor secretary nominee Hilda Solis paid about $6,400 this week to settle numerous tax liens against his business dating to 1993.

Solis and her husband, Sam Sayyad, were unaware of liens against his auto repair shop until USA TODAY asked about them Tuesday, White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said Thursday. Vietor said Sayyad went to the Los Angeles County tax office and paid what he was told he owed — about $6,400 — to settle outstanding liens.

Sayyad plans to appeal, Vietor said. Anthony Yakimowich, chief deputy treasurer and tax collector for Los Angeles County, said his office notifies delinquent taxpayers by mail.

Disclosure of the long-unpaid taxes prompted the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee on Thursday to abruptly cancel a scheduled vote on Solis’ nomination. The committee wants the administration to review the matter and report back, said Anthony Coley, spokesman for Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., the committee’s chairman.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Solis should not be held accountable for her husband’s business. “Her husband had an issue,” Gibbs said of Solis, a California Democrat. “She’s not a partner in that business. We’re not going to penalize her for her husband’s business mistakes.”

My property taxes are due pretty soon. I wonder if I can pull a Dashle and tell the county auditor “I forgot”.

With all the ‘newly discovered’ back taxes these Dems owe, Mr. Hopey Changeytude should be able to cover some of the bloated stimulus package.

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