Don’t Dare Question Their “Patriotism”

An Army Reserves Sergeant studying at Dallas Baptist University found his jeep had been vandalized by a ‘peace-loving’ miscreant.

Viktow Whitlow, a junior, had parked his Jeep on the campus at about 2 a.m. Wednesday and returned hours later to find his vehicle’s tires had been flattened, the seats slashed and “Soldiers are murderers” spray painted in red across the hood.

“It’s disheartening to be honest with you,” he said. “It’s shocking that somebody would write something like that. It just makes me speechless.”

Mr. Whitlow, who recently spent two tours in Balad, Iraq, said he has no idea who vandalized his Jeep or why he was targeted.

……While Mr. Whitlow does have insurance, he said he will have to borrow transportation until repairs are made. Damage was estimated at $7,000.

Maybe it was an extra credit assignment given out by a Ward Churchill-type professor.

And this really frosts my ass:

Dallas police said Whitlow’s case is not considered a hate crime because military personnel cannot be members of a hate crime.

Let me get this straight. The little asswipe who spray-painted the Soldier’s vehicle did it out of pure hatred for the military, as evidenced by the statetment.

But it’s not a hate crime.


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