Douglas Murray on the Ground Zero Victory Mosque Project

Mr. Murray has observed what has happened with the Dhimmification of Britain, and points out that the same is happening here.

The very idea of building a mosque there is a dangerous sign of Muslim demands on Western societies, says British authority Douglas Murray—and it shows that the U.S. must make a stand.

“Islam is a religion of peace.” That is what every Western leader says every time a Muslim sets something off.

They never tell us which ones they think are the violent religions. But for Islam it’s a win-win. Knock down a tower and everyone in government says how terrific Islam is. Build a tower and everyone in government says how terrific Islam is. Either way it’s a gain for Islam.

My country, Britain, has led the way in this. But it is fascinating watching Mayor Bloomberg and Co. following the British curve.

Subway bombs? “Peace.” Airline plots? “Peace.” Car bombs? “Peace.” It must be hard these days being a violent jihadi. No one in power believes what you say. It’s just impossible to get your message across.

The U.S. authorities are making the same mistakes, and in exactly the same order, as those that the British government has made. Violent Islam is the problem and therefore some other form of yet to be decided upon peaceful Islam is the solution. Either way, win for Islam. Whatever the question, the answer is “Islam.”

……The answer to radical Islam is liberal, pluralistic, democracy. There’s a reason for that. Islam itself is screwed. No major Islamic leader in the world today preaches a message even remotely close to what most of the new American “let’s build the mosque” crew would find even barely tolerable.

That mosque would be a glorification of the murder of 3000 people, not to mention the atrocities that muslims commit on a daily basis.
It’s up to the American people to stop this Islamofascist incursion on our soil.  The government sure won’t.

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