Dylann Roof Convicted in Charleston Church Murders

The little shitbag who walked into a church in South Carolina and slaughtered nine people has been found guilty.

From Fox News.

A jury in South Carolina Thursday convicted Dylann Roof in the shootings that killed nine black church members during a Bible study in Charleston last year, a verdict that could lead to a death sentence for the self-avowed white supremacist.

The jury of nine white people and three black people deliberated less than two hours before returning a verdict, finding him guilty on all counts against him. Roof, 22, faced 33 federal charges, including hate crimes and obstruction of the practice of religion.

Roof just stared ahead as the verdict was read, much as he has throughout the trial. Victims’s relatives held hands and squeezed one another’s arms. One woman nodded her head every time the clerk said “guilty.”

The same jury is set to return Jan. 3 to consider whether Roof should be sentenced to die for the June 2015 attack at Emanuel AME Church. He is slated to face another death penalty trial in state court early next year.


Just take him out and execute him with his own gun.


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