Eco-Friendly ‘Jihad’

From an article discussing ‘comedies’ about the environment:

We accept, for example, that climate change exists, and that we should do something about it, but how? Is it worth buying low-energy bulbs and turning off domestic appliances if you drive a car or make frequent flights? How do we achieve anything meaningful without a complete change of lifestyle?

This is the question Irish comedian Abie Philbin Bowman – the man behind Jesus: The Guantanamo Years, a hit on the Fringe two years ago – is engaging with in his new show, Eco-Friendly Jihad. Like The Guantanamo Years, it is a vehicle for his particular brand of comedy, a series of jokes (with some serious bits thrown in ) woven around an unlikely narrative which his blarney makes believable. This one has to do with meeting a pretty, young Scots-Bangla woman who adheres to the view that the best way to reduce carbon emissions is to kill as many rich Westerners as possible.


Given the bizarre, anti-industrial, violent-prone ideas that saturate groups like Earth First! and the Earth Liberation Front, Bowman isn’t joking.

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