Ed Griffin on Government Tyranny

“To resist a tyranny you must be independent of that tyranny for your subsistence. If the government provides your food, your clothing, your shelter, your education, your job, your medical care, your retirement, then the government controls you most effectively indeed. If that government should ever become tyrannical, and they have a way of doing that in history, then you’ve had it my friends. We believe that one the greatest lessons of history that so desperately needs to be relearned by the American people—our forefathers knew it well—is this: anytime a government is powerful enough to give the people everything they want, it is also powerful enough to take from the people everything they’ve got. You cannot have one without the other. Even if collectivism were not morally wrong, even if it did produce a higher standard of living, we would till oppose it because freedom is more important than prosperity.”


—-Ed Griffin, American author

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