Edwards Wants to “Honor” Memorial Day With Protests

I came across this little gem while viewing the VFW website today:

Edwards’ Call to Protest Dishonors Memorial Day

WASHINGTON, May 17, 2007

A plea by presidential candidate John Edwards to encourage war protests at Memorial Day events across the country has drawn the anger of the national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. “Memorial Day is a solemn occasion to remember the service and sacrifice of more than one million American servicemen and women who gave their lives to create our nation, to save our Union, and to help free the world from tyranny,” said Gary Kurpius, who leads the 2.4 million-member VFW, the nation’s oldest major veterans’ organization and its largest organization of combat veterans.

“Memorial Day is not a time to call people to protest the war in Iraq under the guise of supporting the troops,” he said.
“To do so dishonors those who served, those who continue to serve, and to the families who grieve.” The candidate’s message is a link from his main website to another site that lists 10 things people can do over the Memorial Day weekend to “support” the troops while calling for an end to the war. “My generation went to war with a divided country and Congress, and our nation does not need to relive that experience ever again,” said Kurpius, a Vietnam veteran from Anchorage, Alaska.

“Calling for protests for political gain is not how you support the troops. You support them by ensuring they are fully trained, equipped and funded, and you ensure they and their families are taken care of every step of the way,” he explained. “To support the troops is to support what it is they do,” he said, adding that U.S. troops in harms way believe the new diplomatic, economic and military strategy has a chance of succeeding. “And if they have faith, then we, as Americans, must have faith and patience, too.”

Newsflash for John Edwards: The typical Democrat double speak of “supporting the troops” without also supporting the mission, is some of the most incongruous crap I’ve ever heard. The two are not mutually exclusive.

The Democrat’s idea of “support” is an “exit strategy” that involves cut and run as well as handing the al Qaeda a withdrawal date on a silver platter.

I don’t blame President Bush for vetoing a funding bill with a cut and run tactic attached. I would have gone to the floor of the Senate and ripped it up right in front of you.

Tell me John, are you a “peace at any price” pacifist, or is there actually a point where you would grow a set of balls and say yep, we should not just fight back, but eradicate them and finish the job while we’re at it?

Another ploy by the Left is to assign the “Vietnam” mantra to every war it disagrees with. No matter how badly they want it to be another “Vietnam” it isn’t happening, and their historical amnesia kicks in every time this war is debated.

Here’s an easy scenario:
In spite of ominous indicators, and turmoil that was contained on someone else’s turf, we remained complacent.
An enemy sends planes to bomb and crash into U.S. territory. The attack kills roughly 3000 Americans.
War is declared and retaliation begins against the perpetrators and their allies.
Sound familiar?
It happened 7 December 1941.

There’s your comparison, Mr. Edwards.

It’s simple: We were attacked by Islamic thugs supported not only by Iraq and Afghanistan but throughout the Middle East and they are two good places to start retaliation. Just ask Hussein, Uday, Qusay, Zarqawi, and al Masri how they feel….oh that’s right, they’re not available for comment.

You didn’t expect them to be very happy at the fact that we brought the war they started, back to them, did you? Of course they’re going to be pissed. Of course they’re going to fight back, not just with weapons but through media exploitation. 9/11 was the Pearl Harbor of the 21st Century and all you leftist blockheads are capable of is spouting nonsense and being al Qaeda apologists.

Soldiers are going to die in war. They go into harms way for good reasons, and I can’t think of a better one than protecting Western Civilization from being subjugated by Sharia Law.

In case you still don’t get it, they want to kill us. They made that pretty clear on 11 September 2001.
If you don’t understand that, maybe they didn’t hit close enough to your own back yard.

The Left loves to wallow in body counts and pervert the sacrifice of U.S. troops into an anti-war statement, but they never praise, appreciate, or really support the military.  Dick Durbin calls us “Nazi’s”, Harry (”white flag”) Reid announced that he thinks the war is “lost”, John Murtha calls us “murderers”, and the rest of the Democrat obliviots never hesitate to add their two cents. What a wonderful way for the Democratic Party to show its true colors. (Hint: it ain’t Red, White, and Blue)

Tell you what Senator, if you really support the military, then get your butt on the first plane smoking to the war zone, and speak with the troops. You will find that they do not want to leave without finishing the job and they want all of the resources and weapons necessary to accomplish that….if you really “support” them, that is.

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