Egyptian Police Assault Christian Monks

More offerings from the “peaceful religion of Islam”:

On Tuesday, September 7, at 8 PM a 300-man security force, backed by a large number of cars and armored vehicles, attacked the monastery of St. Macarius of Alexandria in Wadi Rayan, Fayoum province, 150 KM south of Cairo. The monks in the monastery were assaulted with tear gas, batons and stones. Three monks were seriously wounded.
The security forces prevented the delivery of limestone bricks to be used for the construction of cells for the monks within the grounds of the ancient Monastery. The forces also attempted to confiscate bricks already delivered but the monks sat on the bricks and refused to move.

The authorities claim that Wadi Rayan is a conservation area, while the monks say they are building cells within the grounds of the Monastery, which was built before the area was designated for conservation.

Security forced surrounded the Monastery until 12 AM the following day, but withdrew “after seeing the insistence of monks to assert their rights,” said Father Boulos elMakkary, one of the 85 monks living in the monastery. “They left with the commander promising to be back soon.”

Monk Mina elMakkary said the security forces surrounded the Monastery as “if we were terrorists. We are monks who left everything behind to come and worship God, and they come to attack unarmed monks.”

The monks believe that the government wants to prevent any construction on the premises to prevent any increase in the number of monks living there, “though cells for the monks are badly needed,” said Father Boulos. Presently 5-8 monks share one cell, when each should be living alone.

Yep, those monks pose a real threat.  All that peaceful, reflective worship of a Christian god shakes the very foundation of the Islamic nation-state.  And there’s assholes who wonder why we’re so angry over radical Islam rearing its ugly head in our country.

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