Egypt’s ‘Arab Spring’: More Rampage, Bloodshed, Burning Churches

Egypt’s descent into civil war.

The death toll reaches 638.

The peaceful religion of Islam shows respect for other beliefs by torching their places of worship.

After all the tanks, fighter jets, and other weapons Obama has given to the Islamofascists in Egypt, he’s going to “review all the aid” which amounts to about $1.3 billion annually.

Amid the chaos and bloodbath, Obama declares: “America cannot determine the future of Egypt, that’s a task for the Egyptian people.”  “We don’t take sides.” No one spouts bullshit like Obama, especially when he’s been schmoozing with Islamic extremist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood for a long time.  After that comment, Obama went back to the golf course and on to a cocktail party in Martha’s Vinyard thrown by Obama pal Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. They swilled martinis and wondered what the little people are doing this time of year.

Surprise: Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood has prompted the Egyptian army to approach Moscow for help. Not that the Egyptian military is any better than Morsi…

To top it all off, the State Department thinks that Obama’s dicked up Middle East policies are worth that of a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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