Eichenwald Dives Off the Crazy Cliff (Again)

Kurt Eichenwald brings attention to himself in very craptastic ways. He just wrote a lengthy tirade on Twitter claiming that he’s a victim on social media:


Kurt Eichenwald decided to write some sort of manifesto about his being the victim on Twitter.

Yeah, we made that exact same face and then we read through it and OMG.


This is long.

Damn long.

And there is a good deal of whining involved, and even a few tweets on tentacle porn.

But all of that being said, THIS IS HILARIOUS:


And WOW, what a dumpster fire of stupid this manifesto was. We think he’s trying to convince the world that none of what he’s done is his fault and that Russia, Meghan McCain and Kyle Kashuv are all out to get him.

That or the tentacle porn finally got to him.


Much more at the link.

Remember his incoherent rant on Tucker Carlson?


Tucker Carlson tried to interview him and it quickly became apparent that Eichenwald was having a meltdown.  Eichenwald claimed to be in communication with someone at the CIA who gave him ‘secret messages’ about Trump, and the conversation fell apart from there. Then he claimed to have had an epileptic seizure brought on by criticism on Twitter after the interview.

Eichenwald has loose screws that need to be tightened with a pharmaceutical wrench.




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