Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Obama!

Absolutely creepy…this is a kids “Dear Leader”-type sing-along for Obama.

Watch the video here:


Oh. My. Gawd. These kids have been thoroughly indoctrinated with a fervor that would make Joseph Stalin proud.

Matter of fact, the Nazi youth theme “Tomorrow Belongs To Me” comes to mind.

A background of the propaganda staff behind this shit:

While described as a grassroots effort, Kathy Sawada, who posted the video and can been seen directing the children in the video, is a bit more than just an enthusiastic music teacher you might find in your average public school.

Sawada is a teacher at an elite and expensive Colburn School of Performing Arts in Los Angeles as part of the Piano faculty. Colburn just built a $120 million 12-story high-rise addition for their musicians.

Does a concert-quality musician in an elite school in the middle of the most ego-centric city in the United States count as a “grassroots” effort?

Here’s a partial list of those who helped produce this “grassroots” effort:

Jeff Zucker — Chief Lighting Technician in Boogie Nights.

Post-producer (former choreographer?) Holly Shiffer.

Motion picture camera operator/steadicam specialist Peter Rosenfeld (appropriately enough, worked in Yes Man, a movie about ” a guy challenges himself to say ‘yes’ to everything for an entire year.”

Darin Moran, another motion picture industry professional, who just finished filming — how appropriate — Land of the Lost.

Andy Blumenthal, Hollywood film editor.



Another video of Dear Leader’s minions leading children in a holy chant:

If the parents allow this shit to happen, they’re just as depraved as the teacher.

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