FBI Director Robert Mueller’s Craptastic Stupidity Before the House Judiciary Committee

Mueller testified, or rather made up shit as he went along, about Benghazi, the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, and the NSA’s overreaching dragnet.

On the NSA surveillance controversy:

Mueller tried to defend the Big Brother collection assets, saying that the National Security Agency surveillance programs and said that law enforcement “must stay a step ahead of criminals and terrorists” and they complied “in full with U.S. law and with basic rights guaranteed under the Constitution.”

Which is bullshit on stilts.

On the Boston terrorist attack:

Mueller said that a lack of formal communication within the agency may have prevented investigators from alerting Russian authorities that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had returned to Russia, and that the agency needed to “scrub and see what we could have done better”.  Mueller claimed that the FBI did a “thorough job” investigating the Tsarnaev brothers.  He blamed Russian authorities for failing to respond three times to an FBI request for follow-up evidence after the US-based investigation.  What “follow-up” information did they need?  They knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev traveled back and forth from America to the jihadist region of Dagestan, Russia.  You can bet it wasn’t for sightseeing.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was questioned by FBI in 2011 at the request of the Russian government over suspected ties to an extremist group. The questioning did not produce any “derogatory” information and the matter was put “to bed,” a US law enforcement source said.

Well, that was a fucking mistake.

As a matter of fact in November of 2012, the Russians tipped the FBI to information that Tsarnaev had ties to extremists connected to a Boston mosque.

The Dhimmi in the White House  refuses to snoop on mosques in spite of the fact that they are the epicenter of muslim Islamic jihad in the United States.  Since October 2011, mosques have been off-limits to FBI agents. Churches, on the other hand, are kept under a microscope.

Here’s a real knee-slapper: Mueller says that if the metadata collecting had been in place before 9/11, the attacks could have “derailed”. He cited Khalid al-Mihdhar, one of the principal 9/11 hijackers, who was being monitored by intelligence agencies,  but “they lost track of him.”

While Mihdhar was in San Diego, he was phoning a known Al Qaeda safehouse in Yemen.Yet intelligence officials did not know who was calling the safehouse. The NSA monitoring program could have changed that, Mueller argued. “If we had the telephone number from Yemen, we would have matched it up to that telephone number in San Diego, got further legal process, identified al-Mihdhar,” he said. “The 9/11 Commission itself indicated that investigations or interrogations of al-Mihdhar once he was identified could have yielded evidence of connections to other participants in the 9/11 plot.”

Mueller’s piss poor memory forgot all about the memos submitted by FBI agents during the Clinton regime.

In 1998, an FBI agent in Oklahoma wrote a memo describing reports of “large numbers of Middle Eastern males receiving flight training at Oklahoma airports” which “may be related to planned terrorist activity”.

Kenneth Williams, an FBI agent in Phoenix wrote a memorandum two months before the 9/11 attacks, warning of the possibility of Osama bin Laden’s followers hijacking aircraft within the United States and using the planes in a terrorist attack.

Their warnings were ignored.

The anti-terrorism efforts in the Phoenix office had virtually ground to a halt when a surveillance unit was disbanded and agents assigned to counter-terrorism were diverted to an arson case, according to current and former FBI agents.

The FBI HQ knew about Bin Laden associates’ flight training in the U.S, but believed the aim was to carry out conventional hijackings and fly the aircraft to other countries, rather than crash them into buildings.

FBI officials in New York knew about the muslim terrorists at flight schools,  but believed Bin Laden just needed pilots to transport goods in Afghanistan. The New York agents interviewed stated that they were well aware that Middle Eastern men frequently came to the United States for flight training. This was not surprising as it was considered the best and most reasonably priced place to train.

The FBI had the muslim terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks in their sights. They dropped the ball big time. But what the hell does Mueller know? He even refused to call 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad an enemy combatant.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
Khalid Sheikh Mohamme

The CIA had information that they refused to share with the FBI or anyone else, thanks to Jamie Gorlick, former Clinton Deputy Attorney General.  In 1995, Gorlick wrote a memo directing that counterintelligence efforts be kept separate from criminal intelligence. This action created a wall that prohibited collaboration between agencies like the FBI and the CIA, and  impeded the investigation into Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called “20th hijacker”, (pre-9/11) which could have led to the arrest of the other 19.

The clusterfuck of  incompetence and indifference, combined with Bubba Clinton’s epic fails, basically gave Al Qeada the green light.

The IRS targeting scandal:

The FBI is launching an investigation into the IRS violations of the 1st Amendment, but Mueller’s agency refuses to contact any of the Tea Party victims for evidence.

By the way, Mueller is totally clueless about the investigation. He suffers from the same CRS condition as Eric Holder. When it comes to knowing basic information about his job, he Can’t Remember Shit.

From the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) upbraids FBI Director Robert Mueller for not knowing details about the IRS investigation.

He said,  “This is the most important case in the country for the past six weeks and you don’t know who the most important person is, leading the case?” Mueller replied, “Not off the top of my head.”

BRep. Jim Jordan: Is Mr. Cummings accurate in his assessment?

Mueller: Could you repeat that?

Jordan: Based on everything I’ve seen, quoting Mr. Cummings, “the case is solved” this is regarding the IRS scandal.

Mueller: Which case?

Jordan: The IRS scandal

Mueller: The IRS case? No, the IRS case is currently  under investigation and it basically just started.

Jordan: Yeah, what can you tell us, you started a month ago. Have you found the now infamous two rogue agents, have you discovered who those people are?

Mueller: Well I needless to say because it’s  under investigation I can’t give out any information

Jordan: Can you tell me some basics, how many investigators you’ve assigned to the case?

Mueller: Well, uh, I may be able to do that but I’d have to get back to you.

Jordan: Can you tell me who the lead investigator is?

Mueller:  Off the top of my head, no.

Jordan: This is the most important issue in front of the country in the last six weeks and you don’t know who’s heading up the case? Who the lead investigator is?

Mueller: Uh, at this juncture no I do not know..

Jordan: Can you get that information to us we’d like to know. We’d like to know how many people you’ve assigned to look into this situation.

Mueller: I have not had a recent briefing on it, I had a briefing on it when we first initiated it, but I have not had a recent briefing as to where we are

Jordan: Who’s leading the case?

Mueller: I do not know who is leading the case.

Jordan: Do you know if you’ve talked to any of the victims, have you talked to any of the groups who were targeted by their government? Have you met with any of the Tea Party folks since May 14, 2013?

Mueller: I do not know what the status of the interviews are by the team that’s on it

Jordan: Would expect that that’s been done?

Mueller: Uh, they’re, uh… Certainly, at some point in time of course the investigation will be done but generally to start the investigation you get the documents so that you can have…

Jordan: But don you usually talk to the victims…

Mueller: I do not know specifically what is happening

Jordan: In your extensive record and history in investigative work, don’t you typically talk to victim? It’s a criminal investigation, don’t you talk to the victims pretty soon..

Mueller: Absolutely,  and I am sure it will happen.

Jordan: So did the FBI contact any of these same victims, were they contacted by the FBI prior to the investigation when the same groups were applying for tax exemption status did the  FBI pay some of these individuals a visit?

Mueller:  I do not know.

Jordan: You don’t know?

Mueller: I do not know.

Jordan: Some of them testified that they were paid a visit by the FBI, specifically Catherine Engelbrecht  in Texas,  said she was contacted by the FBI, she was head of True the Vote. Is that true or not?

Mueller: I do not know.

Jordan: You do not know. Okay. If the FBI did contact people involved in the IRS scandal, victims groups, prior to the investigation when they were applying for tax exemption status. Why was that the case? Why would you be looking into it? And, was there possibly coordination with the IRS in why you targeted them?

Mueller: You’re asking me details about the investigation, I would be happy to get back to you. …

Jordan: I am not asking you details about the investigation. I am saying why were people targeted before the investigation started? Why were they contacted by the FBI? People who are now part of Tea Party groups who were targeted by the IRS.

Mueller: You’re asking details about the investigation. I would be happy to take your questions…

Jordan: That is not a detail about the investigation, that took place before the investigation started.

Mueller: May I please finish, you’re asking detailed about the investigation I’d be happy to get back to you and answer those questions that I can’t understanding that there is an on-going investigation..

Jordan: I am asking you basic questions about the investigation like who’s heading it up? And you can’t tell me that.

His knowledge about the Benghazi investigation is slim to none:

Mueller also touched on the FBI’s delay in getting agents into Benghazi last year to conduct an investigation of the attack that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.
The two-week delay “adversely impacted the ability to gather evidence in a variety of ways and adversely impacted the investigation,” Mueller said.
“In Benghazi, there is no law enforcement,” he explained. “There is nobody that you can deal with in terms of assuring your security.” In addition, putting agents into the country was dependent on getting visas from the Libyan government and “the government then and today is still unstable,” Mueller said. “It’s very difficult to get any decision made.”
As to where the Benghazi probe stands now, Mueller said, “We’ve had some success that I can’t get into today” and that the investigation was ongoing.

The fucking State Department was supposed to help with the assurance of the embassy’s security in Benghazi.  We know how that turned out.  Obama and  Hillary decided not to do anything while four Americans fought for their lives.

The entire Obama regime needs an enema.

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