FBI Raids Dem Senator Sandoval’s Offices

Remember this shitbag? His supporters performed a mock assassination of a faux President Trump at one of his fundraisers.

From The Washington Times

FBI agents carried materials in bankers’ boxes and grocery bags out of the Illinois Capitol building on Tuesday, and multiple media outlets reported that and other raids were linked to a Democratic state senator.

FBI spokesman John Althen said the agents were in the building for “law enforcement activity” but declined to elaborate.

Multiple media outlets reported that the raids were conducted at Sen. Martin Sandoval’s Capitol office in Springfield, his district office in the Chicago suburb of Cicero and his Chicago home. The Chicago Tribune reported that a man who answered the door at Sandoval’s home said he was not home.

The suite door to Sandoval’s office would not open when an Associated Press reporter tried to enter at around the time the raid was taking place. Attempts to reach Sandoval by phone were unsuccessful.

Several men in dark suits and ties could be seen walking from the Senate Democrats’ side of the Capitol, carrying the bags and boxes of materials. The word “evidence” could be seen written across at least one of the bags. Photos from some media outlets also showed people carrying boxes from his home.

Hope they throw the book at the motherfucker.

1 thought on “FBI Raids Dem Senator Sandoval’s Offices”

  1. Let’s hope that the line of Democratic dirt bags and back stabbing Republicans files through a justice system that isn’t afraid to hold them accountable for THEIR High crimes and misdemeanors. Fill Gitmo to overflowing and let the bastards rot there.

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