Fighting Back Against ObamaCare

The Republicans have issued a series of amendments to thwart the outrageous bullshit in Obama’s government-run health care.

Among them is an amendment to protect citizens who reject the government overlord.

The recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act includes for the first time a mandate for an individual to maintain “minimum essential coverage.”
Minimum essential coverage generally means coverage that covers at least 60 percent of the actuarial value of a full-coverage plan available in the individual or group market, a so-called “bronze plans.”
If the individual fails to maintain such coverage, he or she is subject to a tax equal to $695 or, for those making more than $27,800, 2.5 percent of income.
Under current law, failure to pay this tax could result in criminal or civil penalties, although the end of Section 1501 of the health care bill includes a waiver of criminal penalties and a limitations on liens and levies.
The rest here:

November is coming.

Tea Party leaders, livid over the passage of health care reform on Sunday night, say their next step will be to turn from fighting the bill to running the people who voted for it out of Congress.

The bill’s narrow passage was inarguably a victory for President Obama and a blow to those who opposed it. Though Tea Partiers joined with Republican officials to rally in Washington and across the country against the package up until judgment day, Democrats were able to assuage skeptical lawmakers and muster the votes needed to send the sweeping overhaul of the nation’s health care system to the president’s desk.

Now those lawmakers have to go, Tea Partiers say, and they’re planning to sustain their fight into November by registering voters, pumping money into ad campaigns against Democratic incumbents and supporting their challengers.

Some want to elect lawmakers with the ultimate goal of repealing the bill; but with repeal a heavy lift, at the minimum the groups are out for vengeance.

And while the Sunday vote was a defeat for the cause, it was potentially a boon for membership.

“I am deluged with phone calls this morning (from) people wanting to join the Tea Party,” said Gina Loudon, a founder of the St. Louis Tea Party, which campaigned against the bill during Obama’s stop there two weeks ago. “I literally cannot even return the phone calls quickly enough. … This has absolutely awoken a giant.”

Loudon said she and other activists — who met up at a pub in downtown St. Louis Sunday night to mourn the passage of the bill — are already drafting a game plan for the months ahead. She said getting involved in congressional campaigns will be a big part of that.

Expect Tea Party political action committees (PACs), to gain a lot more prominence in the months ahead. Loudon said the Ensuring Liberty PAC, the political group announced last month at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville, is going to be raising money and influencing targeted races — her husband is a board member of that group.

Debbie Dooley, co-founder of the Atlanta Tea Party and a national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, agreed that the focus will be on voting out health care reform bill supporters.

“Yesterday, they chose not to listen to what the people want,” she said. “We, the people, will have our say in November.”,2933,589771,00.html

Attorneys General in 14 states (so far) ready to sue over ObamaCare:

Stay tuned.

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