Fired CBS Lawyer Who Tweeted ‘No Sympathy for County Music Republicans’ Who Were Shot in Las Vegas, is ‘Sorry’ for Throwing Away Her Career

From The American Thinker

Hayley Geftman-Gold, the now fired CBS lawyer who was until yesterday a vice president in their strategic transactions department, has become the poster girl for ruling-class progressive hatred and condescension toward working-class whites.  With two Ivy League degrees (Penn undergrad, Columbia Law) to her name, standing as “an officer of the court” in the New York State Bar, a powerful position in shaping the future of a major media purveyor of news and politics, an entrepreneur husband[i], and a fashionable Brooklyn Heights address, she is clearly a member of the ruling class, junior division.

……Yet she threw it all away – the six-figure income, the corporate and social position – with a now notorious Facebook post that went viral almost immediately (and subsequently was taken down).

Geftman-Gold wrote an  apology  dripping with crocodile tears. She’s sorry for the consequences of her vile bullshit. Not to worry, with her liberal credentials and elitist attitude, she’ll get hired by some like-minded employer in short order.

Lauri Regan, herself a Manhattan attorney, has a plausible explanation:

“I think that generation no longer has any sense of decorum “in public,” as their whole lives are public. From Facebook  to Snapchat to Instagram and Twitter, they all post stuff without thinking and assume there’s no rules governing acceptable discourse.

And it’s a lot easier to post offensive thoughts than it is to look someone in the eye and say them.

Couple that with the fact that they’re taught their thoughts are in fact acceptable public discourse (and that anyone who disagrees with them is not just wrong but immoral, racist, ignorant, etc.) and you’ve created the perfect storm of clueless, insensitive, vapid public statements by snowflakes who think they have a right to vent every emotional thought to a world waiting with bated breath for their deep thoughts.

Think about the football players thinking that the hundreds of millions of fans agree with their taking a knee and not giving a crap about those who find it offensive. Or the Georgetown law professors who took a knee when AG Sessions came to speak. Liberals believe they’re important and they’re right and they’re leading the charge on morality and anyone who doesn’t follow is a problem for the country.

With the rise of antifa and violence becoming the norm in shutting down free speech on campuses and elsewhere, it was only time before violence would be condoned by these self-righteous elitists who lack humility and decency for their fellow Americans. It used to be Muslims across the globe cheering successful terror attacks. Now we have hateful liberals doing the same thing. “


Liberal cultural fascism has permeated every aspect of social media and education.  The new mainstream citizen is a triggered ‘social justice warrior’ crybully who sees microaggressions, racism, and offending phantoms everywhere.  And for all their indignant protesting, the new Left is the most racist, violent hategroup in America.

Geftman-Gold is a prime example.

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