Flashback: Obama Halted Iraqi Refugees in 2011

From The Federalist.

Although the Obama administration currently refuses to temporarily pause its Syrian refugee resettlement program in the United States, the State Department in 2011 stopped processing Iraq refugee requests for six months after the Federal Bureau of Investigation uncovered evidence that several dozen terrorists from Iraq had infiltrated the United States via the refugee program.

After two terrorists were discovered in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in 2009, the FBI began reviewing reams of evidence taken from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that had been used against American troops in Iraq. Federal investigators then tried to match fingerprints from those bombs to the fingerprints of individuals who had recently entered the United States as refugees.

The terrorists were not taken into custody until 2011. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. State Department stopped processing refugee requests from Iraqis for six months in order to review and revamp security screening procedures.

……According to a 2013 report from ABC News, at least one of the Kentucky terrorists passed background and fingerprint checks conducted by the Department of Homeland Security prior to being allowed to enter the United States. Without the fingerprint evidence taken from roadside bombs, which one federal forensic scientist referred to as “a needle in the haystack,” it is unlikely that the two terrorists would ever have been identified and apprehended.

“How did a person who we detained in Iraq — linked to an IED attack, we had his fingerprints in our government system — how did he walk into America in 2009?” asked one former Army general who previously oversaw the U.S. military’s anti-IED efforts.

The DHS, one of the agencies tasked with national security, has no idea how many threats have already crossed the border into the U.S.  Expect more of that to happen if Barky gets his way with the refujihadists.


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2 thoughts on “Flashback: Obama Halted Iraqi Refugees in 2011”

  1. Personally, I believe Syria is being deliberately depopulated to assure the Saudi gasline will be unmolested. All the politicians are protecting Soros’ interests. A gasline what Iranians (looks like they put the knife in Obama’s back) and Russian Federation want, would take a different route and not require depopulating the country. That’s my two cents.

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