Florida Voters: Alan Grayson is ‘Nuts’

Ya think???

A group of angry Florida voters has launched the Web site MyCongressmanIsNuts.com in a drive to oust Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson, the outspoken congressman who grabbed national headlines earlier this month by calling an adviser to the Fed chairman a “K Street whore.”

The site is raising money to defeat the Orlando-area congressman and the site’s organizers describe it as a “more appropriate alternative” to Mr. Grayson’s CongressmanWithGuts.com, which the Grayson campaign says helped raised more than $250,000 in the first three weeks of October.

As of Friday morning, the “Nuts” site took in about $3,335 since its launch Thursday night, according to a donation ticker on the Web page.

The site features YouTube videos of TV and cable news reports critical of Mr. Grayson’s exploits.

“Every penny that we raise is going to go to exposing his policies and who he really is,” said Angie Langley, 34, chairman of the recently-formed political action committee behind the Web site. “We are going to flood the district with bumper stickers, yard signs and we are prepared to launch radio and television ads — whatever it takes to make sure this guy is not re-elected.”

He’s not the only batshit crazy Democrat in office. Dennis Kusinich, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Pete Stark should be added to that website.

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