Franken Close to Stealing Minnessota Election

ACORN probably has a hand in this.

Strange things keep happening in Minnesota, where the disputed recount in the Senate race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken may be nearing a dubious outcome. Thanks to the machinations of Democratic Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and a meek state Canvassing Board, Mr. Franken may emerge as an illegitimate victor.

Mr. Franken started the recount 215 votes behind Senator Coleman, but he now claims a 225-vote lead and suddenly the man who was insisting on “counting every vote” wants to shut the process down. He’s getting help from Mr. Ritchie and his four fellow Canvassing Board members, who have delivered inconsistent rulings and are ignoring glaring problems with the tallies.

Under Minnesota law, election officials are required to make a duplicate ballot if the original is damaged during Election Night counting. Officials are supposed to mark these as “duplicate” and segregate the original ballots. But it appears some officials may have failed to mark ballots as duplicates, which are now being counted in addition to the originals. This helps explain why more than 25 precincts now have more ballots than voters who signed in to vote. By some estimates this double counting has yielded Mr. Franken an additional 80 to 100 votes.

At least Coleman won’t go down to this blatant theft without a fight:

Republican Norm Coleman is suing to challenge Democrat Al Franken’s apparent recount victory in Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race. At a news conference Tuesday, Coleman says he won’t accept a board’s determination that Franken won 225 more votes in the November election.
The lawsuit will keep the seat vacant for weeks or months. State law prevents officials from issuing an election certificate until legal matters are resolved.

Coleman, whose term expired Saturday, led Franken by 215 votes in the Nov. 4 count, but the advantage flipped during a prolonged recount.

The recount, brought about by Franken’s disgruntled response to his defeat, has morphed into a ridiculous sideshow. His lackys are pulling doctored ballots out of nowhere–probably their ass–and actually getting them double counted as if it were valid.

Thanks to incompetent election officials, Franken’s little scheme has a chance to succeed.

The Democratic party is becoming quite adept at voting and election fraud. The Department of Justice has yet to charge any of B. Hussein Obama’s campaign workers with the crimes they committed during his run for office.

Looks like the Minnessota Supreme court will get involved, and I hope they have the common sense to tell Franken where to stick all of his fake ballots.

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