“Fredo” Cuomo Sacked From CNN (UPDATED)

John Cardillo, political commentator: “Fredo finally got whacked.”


Cuomo was fired after CNN learned of alleged sex attack during office ‘lunch’.

New York Post

Chris Cuomo allegedly attacked a female ABC News temp worker when she denied his proposition for sex during a “lunch” in his office, it was revealed on Tuesday.

The accusation was made to CNN lawyers in December hours after Cuomo was suspended for advising his brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, how to dodge his own sexual harassment accusations, according to the New York Times. The CNN host was fired days later.

The unnamed accuser had come forward after Chris Cuomo was suspended from the network on Nov. 30 for helping Gov. Cuomo try to beat back the multiple allegations that ultimately ended his political career, the report said.

“Jane Doe” had long been disgusted by the similarities between the Democrat’s accusers’ plight and her own, employment lawyer Debra Katz reportedly said.

Chris Cuomo, 51, had invited the “young” worker to his office for lunch on the pretext of giving her advice on obtaining full-time employment at the network in 2011, according to the report.

When the woman arrived, there was no food, and the anchor badgered her for sex, the letter sent to CNN lawyers on Dec. 1 reportedly said.

When she declined his advance, he reportedly attacked her, the letter alleged.

The buffoon will have to find another outlet for his tripe.

To be clear, it wasn’t just his overt, fawning on-air support of his corrupt brother Andrew, he also used his sources in the media to find information about his brother’s accusers and was in contact with his brother’s top staffers about it:

CNN host Chris Cuomo used his sources in the media world to seek information on women who accused his brother Andrew Cuomo, then the governor of New York, of sexual harassment, according to documents released Monday by the New York Attorney General’s Office.

While Chris Cuomo has previously acknowledged advising his brother and his team on the response to the scandals, the records show that his role in helping the then-governor was much larger and more intimate than previously known.

Chris Cuomo was actively in touch with Melissa DeRosa, who was the then-governor’s top aide, about incoming media reports that detailed alleged sexual harassment by Andrew Cuomo, according to exhibits from the Attorney General’s probe and a transcript of his interview with the state’s investigators. He also lobbied to help the governor’s office as it sought to weather the storm of accusations, and he dictated statements for the then-governor to use.

“Please let me help with the prep,” Chris Cuomo said to DeRosa in one message in early March. Then, three days after the New York Times reported in March about how Andrew Cuomo attempted to kiss a woman, Anna Ruch, in an unwanted advance at a wedding, Chris Cuomo texted DeRosa: “I have a lead on the wedding girl.”

……DeRosa and Chris Cuomo also discussed in March a yet-to-be published story from New Yorker investigative reporter Ronan Farrow. The article ran March 18.

Prior to that, DeRosa asked Chris Cuomo to check with his sources about the Farrow piece. The records do not show a direct response from Chris Cuomo agreeing to check with his sources. But on March 14, four days be the story was published, he texted DeRosa: “If If ronan has nothing better than boylan thats a great sign.”

“Did u get any more intel?,” DeRosa asked him a day later. “Story not ready for tomorrow,” Chris Cuomo responded that day.


Don Lemon, the resident pouf and sexual predator at CNN, spilled his little heart out for Cuomo saying that ‘he missed him’ and he’s ‘one of the kindest people he knows’.

Chris Cuomo isn’t the only pile of excrement at CNN.

Jeffrey Toobin is still there in spite of jacking off during a Zoom call with his colleagues. 

Keith Boykin showed his racist colors by calling a black Trump supporter “Uncle Tom”.

Don Lemon, who declared that “the biggest terror threat in this country is white men”, apparently can’t keep himself from making sexual advances toward them:

Dustin Hice, the man accusing Lemon of assault, claimed that the CNN host attacked him at Sag Harbor dive bar Murf’s in July 2018. Hice, who was working at the time at another Hamptons bar, alleged that one night at Murf’s he recognized Lemon there. Hice offered to buy him a drink, which the CNN host declined.

Later in the night, according to Hice, Lemon approached him and his group of friends and, after putting his hand down his shorts he “vigorously rubbed his genitalia” and “shoved his index and middle fingers into [Hice’s] moustache.”


Journo April Ryan has a history full of embarrassing statementsunhinged rants, and stunning ignorance of basic facts.

CNN legal analyst Areva Martin accused SiriusXM Patriot 125 host David Webb of “white privilege”.

CNN producer John Bonifield was caught on a Project Veritas undercover video admitting that the network hyped the ‘mostly bullshit’ Trump-Russia story for ratings.

The entire network is a hideous sideshow of leftwing partisan hackery.

It was half-way decent in the 80s but quickly descended into the dumpster of dead journalism.

Ciao, Fredo.


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