General McCrystal Fired for Saying the Emperor Has No Clothes

Note to General McCrystal: Never tell the truth about an incompetent leftwing president, especially to a Rolling Stone reporter.

Obama announced Wednesday that he has accepted Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s resignation as the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and nominated Gen. David Petraeus to replace him, following a scathing article in which he and his aides were quoted criticizing the administration. McChrystal got his marching orders as he held a face-to-face meeting at the White House, where he met with the president after a meeting with Defense Secretary Robert Gates at the Pentagon.

The Wednesday meeting preceded a regular session of the administration’s strategy team for Afghanistan, held in the White House Situation Room. Normally, McChrystal would have joined via teleconference but he was summoned to Washington as he faced a private flogging over the article that appeared in Rolling Stone.

If not insubordination, the remarks in the Rolling Stone magazine article were at least an indirect challenge to civilian management of the war in Washington by its top military commander.

Military leaders rarely challenge their commander in chief publicly, and when they do, consequences tend to be more severe than a scolding.

General David Petraeus is another great commander who hopefully, will be able to survive the Assclown-in-Chief’s term. Petraeus, by the way, is the one who headed the successful Iraq surge, which Obama opposed.

Leftwing hypocrisy in action: Remember the stupid “General Betray Us” ad that MoveOn had on their website? It’s gone down the memory hole. Since THE ONE appointed him as McCrystal’s replacement, George Soros and company just can’t seem to bring themselves to display it any longer.



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1 thought on “General McCrystal Fired for Saying the Emperor Has No Clothes”

  1. bettystevenson

    How about instead of firing mccrystal, we fired the brainless one who fired him? Now if the war isn’t won, they’ll probably blame mccrystal, when in reality he’s probably the only one who could have WON the war. Go figure!

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