GOP Aides Attacked: More Violence From Leftwing Douchebaggers

This was the Left’s response to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

Shortly before 10:30 p.m., Mr. Brown and Ms. Bautsch left the restaurant and began walking towards St. Louis Street. Mr. Brown noted there were several protestors loitering in the area, but not nearly the number which had been present earlier. Soon after leaving the restaurant he heard “cat calls.” At an unknown point within the 400 block of Royal Street, both Mr. Brown and Ms. Bautsch then crossed from the Brennan’s side of the street to the Supreme Court side of the street.

They continued to walk towards St. Louis when Mr. Brown began to hear people behind him scream obscenities. Initially he was not sure if they were being directed at him and his girlfriend, of if they were simply the outbursts of drunken revelers.

As they neared the intersection, Mr. Brown state he heard subjects state things such as “Little blonde bitch,” “You’re a f——- faggot,” and “You think you’re f—— special.”

At this point, Mr. Brown realized these derogatory terms were being directed at Ms. Bautsch and him. He then requested she begin to walk faster toward the Omni-Royal hotel located at the intersection of St. Louis and Royal.

Mr. Brown also recalled the farther they got from the restaurant, the closer these subjects got to them. When they reached the corner of St. Louis and Royal, Mr. Brown and his date turned south on St. Louis.

It was at this time that one of the subjects pushed him into the iron gate that surround the State Supreme Court (building). He then fell to the ground, and one of the attackers got on top of him and began to attack him. Mr. Brown stated as he was pushed to the ground, Ms. Bautsch was also either pushed down or fell down near where he was. As he fought to get his attacker off of him, he heard his girlfriend cry out in pain. She then repeatedly stated, “Oh my god, my leg is broken.”

All of the attackers then ran away in an unknown direction.

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I hope they catch the mutherfuckers.

Hat tip to The Hayride.

The resident leftwing moonbats in New Orleans ran amok outside a Bobby Jindal fundraiser at Brennan’s in the French Quarter, and assaulted two of his aides.

What we’ve been able to piece together today, however, is a modicum of information on who some of the protestors on Friday actually were. Turns out there’s a Facebook page for the “Second Line For Louisiana Healthcare & Education!” confab and as of this evening it had 209 confirmed guests to the event. Its organizers put up a website for it, and at that site they posted links to a trio of flyers.

When you hit those links to download the PDF’s, though, you’ll find that they are all hosted at, and on the Facebook page for the event there is, in fact, an “Iron Rail” as both a confirmed guest and a frequent poster on the event’s Wall. is the web site of the Iron Rail Book Collective, located at 511 Marigny Street.

A perusal of the Iron Rail Book Collective’s web site will produce several interesting nuggets of information. If you head to the “About” page, you’ll find this:

“Founded in December 2003, the Iron Rail is committed to anarchist, anti-authoritarian, feminist, anti-racist, queer-positive and class-conscious politics, and to providing alternative literature and information to the people of New Orleans.

We are a collectively owned and operated, all-volunteer, non-profit reading room, lending library, bookshop, and community space with over 7,000 titles for free borrowing. This collection was assembled over the course of 10 years; much of it was inherited from the Crescent Wrench Infoshop, which operated in New Orleans during the 1990s. Our collection includes volumes on anarchist action, anarchist theory, and the histories of overlooked groups, struggles, and individuals….

……The Iron Rail is organized in a way that puts theory into practice. We believe in a world without domination and oppression and in working to undermine authoritarian structures of power. As an anarchist collective, the Iron Rail has no bosses or managers….The bookstore is operated by volunteers who believe in the importance of establishing alternatives to capitalism….”

Another organizer of the event, whose name and phone number is on the flyers as well as an admin on the Facebook page, is a guy named Sean Walsh. Not much information can be had on him as yet, other than that he supposedly graduated from William & Mary.

The event flyers also had a name and phone number for Derrick Morrison. A Google search for that name and “New Orleans” turns up an article for a web site of a group called “Solidarity” on post-Katrina New Orleans. The piece is standard left-wing boilerplate; it howls about the replacement of the Orleans Parish public school system with a large-scale charter school experiment (which incidentally has been a wild success) and it demands that the Charity Hospital system, Louisiana’s antiquated system of state-run hospitals which are in the process of being dismantled, be reconstituted with special emphasis on rebuilding the “Big Charity” hospital in New Orleans.

In other words, health and education – the two main gripes leading to Friday’s protest. Morrison apparently has been organizing to save Big Charity for some time.

“Solidarity,” by the way, describes itself like this:

“Solidarity is an independent socialist organization dedicated to forming a broad regrouping of the U.S. left. We include activists from many long-standing socialist traditions, as well as younger members from newer movements. We do not attempt to put forward a monolithic platform which we all have adapted to; rather, we rely on the richness of our traditions and the creativity and newer experiences of our younger members to foster and develop a forward-looking socialist thought.

Solidarity was founded in 1986 by revolutionary socialists who stand for “socialism from below,” the self-organization of the working class and oppressed peoples. We are feminist, anti-racist, and democratic. Within our group, we are trying to foster cultural diversity, flexible practice, and straight-forward socialist politics.

We are activists in many grassroots movements. We are members of unions, where we oppose corporations as well as bureaucratic “business unionism.” We are involved in solidarity with the people of Central and South America, Indonesia, Iraq, the Balkans, Palestine, and many other countries, where we fight against U.S. aggression and imperialism. We work for reproductive rights and other feminist demands. We fight for an ecologically balanced society. We support the struggles of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender activists. We include activists of color and we work in solidarity with people of color organized independently fighting for dignity and power and self determination.”

Oh boy. These little radicals are chock full of rightous bullshit.


Two people at the Brennan’s event have now confirmed that the protest had largely broken up by the time it ended, but we also understand from someone who visited Allee Bautsch in the hospital Saturday morning that she and Brown were followed and attacked expressly because they had Palin pins on (she heard one of the attackers say “Let’s get them, they have Palin pins on”) – so the attack WAS politically motivated as its victims understood it. It was not a mugging, it was not an argument gone wrong and it was not a bar fight.

Original story:

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chief campaign fund-raiser is recovering from injuries she suffered in a Friday night altercation with a group of people in the French Quarter, the governor’s office said Monday.

Allee Bautsch suffered a broken leg and her boyfriend suffered a concussion and a fractured nose and jaw in the incident, which happened after a fundraising event at Brennan’s Restaurant on behalf of the Louisiana Republican Party on Friday evening.


Allee Bautsch, Bobby Jindal’s campaign finance director was attacked in the French Quarter in New Orleans as she was leaving a fund-raising event for the Louisiana Republican Party. The event was held at Brennan’s Restaurant during the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. The attack occurred on Friday evening as Bautsch and her boyfriend were leaving the restaurant. His name hasn’t been released.

News of the attack was not released until this evening, leaving many to wonder why there was a three-day delay in releasing the fact that the couple were attacked outside of the event.

On Monday, April 12, 2010, Governor Bobby Jindal’s office put out a statement that Allee Bautsch had suffered a broken leg. Her boyfriend suffered a concussion, a fractured nose and a broken jaw in the incident. Current reports are that the couple became involved in an altercation with a group of people in the French Quarter as they were leaving the fund-raising event. However, there are no reports of anyone being injured except for Bautsch and her friend.

Kyle Plotkin, a spokesman for Gov. Jindal, said that Allee Bautsch had surgery over the weekend and is expected to take two to three months to recover. There is currently no information on the condition of her boyfriend. The governors office declined to put out more information so as not to interfere with the ongoing police investigation.

The mob violence was brought on by the usual gang of idiots: (self-proclaimed anarchists, Bolsheviks, and puerile college students)

About 200 to 250 people marched on the hotel where the Southern Republican Leadership Conference met Friday, chanting slogans against Louisiana’s Republican governor and the health care and education cuts in his proposed budget.

They chanted “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Bobby Jindal has got to go!” Several said they planned to protest outside the hotel where the governor was holding a $10,000-a-plate fundraiser.

Outside the Hilton hotel, some people wearing tags identifying them as delegates walked past as if they didn’t see the group or hear the tubas, trombones, trumpets, saxophone and drums playing a repetitive riff. Others were irritated or amused.

“This is good! They even have a good sound track!” said delegate Sarah Harper Scott of Augusta, Ga. She had come out with several friends to take pictures of the motley group clustered on a corner across from the hotel.

……The protesters included doctors and other workers at free clinics in the city and students and professors at the University of New Orleans. Signs included “Save UNO” and “Stop Jindal. Save healthcare” and “Tax the rich — stop the budget cuts.”

Of course, there’s no rightous indignation from the mainstream media.
More from Gateway Pundit:

And there’s this from Arizona:

Investigators are trying to find out who threw a flammable device at the home of Arizona (Republican) Gov. Jan Brewer’s chief spokesman.

Paul Senseman’s wife called police around 8 a.m. Monday to report finding a bottle that officers are describing as a molotov cocktail.

Peoria police spokesman Mike Tellef says the device hit the garage door and caused minor cosmetic damage but did not ignite the house or garage.

Police are unsure whether Senseman’s house was specifically targeted because of his work for Brewer.

Senseman says “everyone is fine” and praised the work of police.

Special Agent Thomas Mangan of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says federal agents are assisting Peoria Police and the Arizona Department of Public Safety in their investigation of the incident.

Of course, not a peep out of the main stream media, which harped on the fabricated stories of “racial slurs and spitting” from the DC protests against ObamaCare, for weeks.
Stay classy, leftards.

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