Governor Haley Picks Tea Party Advocate Tim Scott to Fill Jim DeMint’s Senate Seat, Liberal Haters Fling Racist Insults

Almost immediately after Governor Nikki Haley appointed Rep Tim Scott to replace Senator Jim DeMint in the Senate, leftwingnut racists started calling him “oreo”, “Uncle Tom” , and a variety of other epithets.


Hat tip to Twitchy:

———————– @theGrio

Should blacks fear or cheer Tim Scott in the Senate?

Cheer the token black. He joins MSteele, HCain, CThomas, AWest, & CRice. No impact on blacks voting 4 . Another HOUSE @theGrio

10 Dec 12

lovelyladypa @lovelyladypa

TOKEN NEGRO: SC Gov Nikki Haley to name Rep Tim Scott, SC’s first African-American GOP rep since 1901, to replace Sen Jim DeMint. Event

lovelyladypa @lovelyladypa

lawd nikki haley picking a token for senate scott to say they hv a blk lawd

Smooth @smoothjazznmore

Meet America’s newest “House Negro”! He’s replacing Jim DeMint in South Carolina.

Dan (sí) @Coganuts

Uncle Tim Scott.

17 Dec 12

Amos Brown @Amoswtlcindy

Gee, courtesy of S Carolina GOP, the nation gets Tim Scott an ultra-rightwing, Tea Party devotee US Senator who’s Black only in skin color

17 Dec 12


“Not black enough” .   So, when are the libtards going to judge people on the content of their character, and not on the color of their skin?

Tim Scott is an excellent choice.  He is a Tea Party supporter who believes in fiscal responsibility and the Constitution.

From Breitbart.

Tim Scott (R-SC) “decisively” embraced the Tea Party when asked by a reporter how closely he identified with the grassroots conservative movement that helped build the GOP’s House majority in 2010.
“I would think that most Americans are members of the Tea Party,” Scott said.
“If you believe in limited government, if you believe in lower taxes, if you believe in keeping the government out of your pockets, if you believe in free markets, those are the basic tenets of the tea party. I would hope that we all would believe in that.”
When the reporter asked Scott if his answer was a “yes” to his question about whether Scott identified with the Tea Party, Scott replied that his answer was a “decisive yes.”

Black Republicans like Kenneth Gladney,  James T. Harris,  Bill Randall, Stacey Dash, and Allen West are often treated with obscenities, and horrific violence by so-called “tolerant” lefties.

Not to mention the onslaught of hate toward Michelle Malkin, an American-born woman of Filipino decent, when she took issue with a rapper’s album.

The sin of black Republicans is choosing substance over pigment; which the Left finds intolerable.  They use Occam’s Razor as a mindset; simplistic narrow minded explanations as a substitute for reason and logic.

Stay classy, lefties.

UPDATE: The New York Times, in keeping with its tradition of chastising minorities who don’t goosestep to DemLeft talking points, has allowed Professor Adolph L. Reed, Jr. to launch a racist attack against Republican Rep. Tim Scott.

Leftwing racism always gets a pass from the MSM. It’s standard procedure.

Tim Scott and other black and Hispanic Republicans and Tea Party advocates are not allowed to think for themselves or stray from the leftwing talking points.  Those who dare, are accused of being “cynical tokens” .  When it comes to being a tool, nothing compares to the sheeple who believe everything they’re told by the Democrats. Obviously, this is all about keeping blacks “in line,” and keeping them on the Democratic party plantation.  Don’t think for one minute that the DemLeft minds keeping the poor and minorities in their place. It gives them a demographic to exploit while mouthing platitudes about evil rich (white) corporate owners versus the workers. The myth of the Left being for the working class and minorities has been wrung for all it’s worth. It’s part and parcel of a party that uses exploitation as a campaign pitch for a target audience; a monolithic, easily manipulated voting bloc that is all too willing to participate. As a matter of fact, the Dems readily admit that throwing the race card is simply a tactic for political gain.

We Tea Party supporters couldn’t care less about your color or your ethnicity. If you share the principles and values of Constitutional American patriots, welcome aboard.

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