Guess What the Dems Will Try to Ram Through Next

They figure since they’ve been successful with perverting, circumventing and violating the Constitution thus far, why stop with ObamaCare?

The Cap and Trade farce:

With the battle over healthcare reform won, President Barack Obama’s allies in Congress are turning their attention to climate change legislation — and drawing opposition from both sides of the issue.

Sen. John Kerry, a proponent of congressional action on climate change, said administration officials can now “pour their energy and attention” into the issue.

“In the wake of healthcare’s passage, we have a strong case to make that this can be the next breakthrough legislative fight,” the Massachusetts Democrat declared.

Cap and Trade will cost families thousands of dollars to finance a government debacle with absolutely no impact on “climate change”.


And they plan on giving undeserved rights and privileges to illegal aliens.

Democrats on Tuesday begin their new push for an immigration bill, hamstrung by the image of legalizing millions of illegal immigrant workers at a time when the unemployment rate stands at 10 percent — more than twice what it was the last time Congress tried to act.

What a surprise, Andy Stern’s SEIU is behind the push to help these felons.

“It certainly will confuse the debate a lot more, but at the end of the day what we have to understand is fixing this system will be good for American workers,” said Eliseo Medina, executive vice president of the Service Employees International Union, which is one of the major advocates for legalizing illegal immigrant workers.
Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, the Illinois Democrat who has taken over leadership on the issue after the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, plans to introduce an immigration legalization bill Tuesday, and backers are planning a strategy to avoid repeats of the failed attempts of 2006 and 2007.

It’s no secret that the SEIU is a lobbying group for illegals; this is a way to infuse them into their unions. The Dems would also love to to absorb them as a voting bloc.

As if Americans aren’t angry enough, the Democrats want to finance a debunked “climate change” hoax and give rights to illegal aliens who have no right to be here.

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1 thought on “Guess What the Dems Will Try to Ram Through Next”

  1. butt neckid

    cap and trade

    legalize illegals

    take away your birthday

    they want it all, and there is no stopping them,
    well no LEGAL way to stop them.

    deep breath………let it out slowly……….squeeeeeeeeze

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