Guess Who Insisted That KSM Was Going to Get a ‘Full Military Trial’

With all the ‘bells and whistles’, no less.

Hat Tip to Breitbart.

During the debate of the Military Commissions Act of 2006, (HR 6166) then Illinois senator, B. Hussein Obama, said this:

The irony of the underlying bill as it’s written, is that someone like Khalid Sheik Mohammad is gonna get basically a full military trial, with all the bells and whistles. He’s gonna have counsel, he’s gonna be able to present evidence, he’s gonna be able to re-butt the government’s case. Because the feeling is that he’s guilty of a war crime, and to do otherwise might violate some of our agreements under the Geneva Convention.

Since his occupation of the White House, there’s likely been a flood of pressure from his friends in the Arab-American Action Network, CAIR, and most certainly from muslim extremist insiders like Arif Alikhan and Kareem Shora.

But, we wouldn’t want to jump to conclusions….

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