Guest Speaker Daniel Hannan’s Speech at CPAC

For the uninitiated, Daniel Hannan is a Conservative MEP for South East England, known for standing up in the European Parliament and handing the liberals their asses on a silver platter. I’ve yet to see any of our politicians level that kind of straightfoward honesty, with the same eloquence, in front of the Senate or Congress.
Here’s his speech at CPAC:

Listen to his caveats about Obama’s agenda of turning America into a socialist Euro clone, and how we are losing our sovereignty and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution because we have relinquished too much power to the federal government. Make no mistake, if the American people raise enough hell over an out of control government that grabs authority not granted in the Constitution, it will be forced to back off. Case in point: The formation of the Tea Party.

Remember Hannan’s warnings when you step into the voting booth in November.

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