Hamas Shills Get Punked by Fake Video

Hat Tip to Little Green Footballs: (http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/32351_Fake_Anti-Israel_Video_Posted_at_Liveleak/)

America’s resident Hamas toadies got bent over bigtime by a prankster who posted a video on LiveLeak, that supposedly showed the aftermath of a recent retaliatory Israeli strike on Palestinians in Gaza.

Turns out it was from a 2005 rally during which the little celebratory turds had a slight mishap with the fireworks.

A poster on reddit, ‘TW9zc2Fk’, gave a detailed comment on the hoax and the origins of the actual video:


The video was not taken on January 1st 2009. It was not taken in a civilian market, and it was not the result of an IDF air strike.

This video is from September 23rd 2005, and was taken in the Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. A Hamas pick-up truck carrying Qassam rockets detonated by mistake during a Hamas rally, leaving at least 15 killed and dozens more injured.

The pick-up truck in question is visible for a split-second at the start of the video. The section of the video showing the pick-up exploding has been edited out. The large number of Hamas personnel present, the number of injured in military uniform, the large number of civilians and Hamas flags all over the place confirm this.

Compare the video from 4:08-4:24 with this photograph taken after the blast at the rally. In the background of the video the man shown in the white top in this photo is clearly visible tending to one of the casualties. Another person is shown coming over to him and placing the distinctive purple/green striped blanket over the body laying next to him, and the wooden pole he is knelt next to is visible.

The man in the white top is visible once again in this photograph (from this CBS News article) along with the man in a yellow shirt with serious leg injuries visible at around 3:55 in the video

A side-by-side comparison of a frame from the video at ~4:08 and the aforementioned photo from the CBS News article is here.

News articles about the actual incident depicted in this video:

Palestinians killed in Gaza blast – At least 15 Palestinians have been killed and scores injured in a blast during a parade by the militant Hamas group in the Gaza Strip. A truck carrying gunmen and home-made weapons blew up during the rally in the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza.

Israel has denied involvement, while the ruling Palestinian Fatah faction said it held Hamas responsible. […]

An unnamed witness was quoted by Reuters news agency as saying “I was thrown several metres, then I looked behind and I saw people dismembered and lying on the ground dead.” […]

— BBC News

Gaza: Blast during Hamas rally kills 19 – At least 19 Palestinians were killed and some 80 more were injured Friday from an explosion that occurred during a Hamas rally at the Jabalya refugee camp in north Gaza.

While the Palestinian Interior Ministry has reported that 19 people died in the blast, hospitals said that at least 10 people were killed. Some of those killed were Hamas members, and the rest were citizens, among them two children, who took part in the rally.

The Palestinian Interior ad National Security Ministry said that according to eyewitness accounts the blast occurred inside a vehicle carrying Qassam rockets and was not the result of IDF fire.

A videotape of the rally showed a jeep blowing up, followed by images of people running for safety. […]

— Ynetnews


The tapdancing from the leftwingnuts at reddit and wakeupfromyourslumber make Fred Astaire look like an amateur. It’s a pleasure to watch them squirm and start their ‘apologies’ with ‘let me explain’.
I just love this: (from http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/9917)

……Someone, likely a pro-Israel right-winger (judging his attitude rebutting criticism of Israel’s response to Hamas/Gaza reminiscent of Little Green Footballs fan who sought to “minimize” the horror as reflected in reddit comment history), posted a detailed comment on Reddit that debunked the claim.

……Because I am interested in nothing but the whole truth, after I examined his claim with proofs provided, I was forced to concede the video is misleading and had to apologize for the mistake in unintentional deception of the public.

Translation: I got punked. It’s all the fault of those damned pro-Israel, Zionist, right-winger neocons, who just want to make me look like the Hamas whore I am bad.
And well, *sniff* it could have happened the way they said…*sniff*…

Who needs the ‘whole truth’ when all you’re interested in is the Hamas party line?

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